Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

This is not malware/adware, it is a problem with Yahoo as many people are being redirected to  these surveys. I would advise Rogers immediately acknowledge and fix this problem or this could become a public relations nightmare for the company.


As far as finding a temporary solution, people should turn off javascript for Yahoo web pages on the browsers.

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

The scam still there. The survey is not removed. money taken from my MC without subscription!

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Good evening Community,


We understand how frustrating it is to see these ads pop up and wanted to take the time to thank you for your feedback. We can assure you that these fraudulent "surveys" are not from us and if we could take additional measures to make them all disappear, it would have been done already.


We're trying our best to raise awareness, as we want to make sure our customers do not fall for this type of scam. Please check out our latest Blog for more information.


@lilialilia - Don't hesitate to reach out to your credit card provider to see if the charges can be reversed.

Thank you for understanding!



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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Roger Yahoo internet mail portal is providing direct links to browser hijacking malware etc.


I think this is probably obvious to you, however Rogers, you should be on top of this and correcting the issue. When using the internet mail portal, my browser gets hijacked about 50% of the time, either from within the mail app or in the news page. It's either a "congratulations you won....blah blah"click here type thing, or a "your system is infected, click here to clean" type thing. The idea that you would steer your customers straight into malware is pathetic. So desperate for ad money that you offer up your paying customers as sacrificial lambs to any malware providing criminal that will pay you a few bucks. Absolutely shameful, and from a technical standpoint, totally bush league. Your coders and technicians are so lacking in skills that you basically have no security at all.  


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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Hello @zx900rrr


Please let me assure you that we would never deliberately associate with such advertising schemes. We believe in protecting our customers security. Customers that have malware on their computers damage the integrity of our overall network and that is not ideal for our daily operations!


If the webmail portal is indeed injecting malware, I should be able to reproduce the issue from here. Please PM us @CommunityHelps so that I can investigate this matter for you. If you aren't familiar with PMing, you can find instructions here.




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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Rogers Survey Scam BEWARE!!


I have been receiving pop-ups, apparently from Rogers, requesting me to complete a survey.  Knowing this to be a scam, I delete the pop-up immediately.  Today, I received another one, although this time it looked very different, very colourful and actually looked legit.  I completed the survey, which was only 4 or 5 questions, then I was directed to a page where I could choose my FREE gifts.  All I needed to do was pay shipping cost of about $4 or $5.  Seems like a really good deal right?  DO NOT BE FOOLED!  I know of a person who was sucked in and after giving them her credit card information for the shipping cost, checked her bank info and found charges logged in for close to $700.00!!!  ROGERS CUSTOMERS BEWARE!! Do not complete any Rogers surveys that promise FREE gifts!  Rogers does not send out surveys promising free gifts.

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Good morning @Gmichaels23,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums Robot Happy!


Good call on identifying the offer as a scam. Despite our best efforts such offers do resurface from time to time. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Always remember to contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to report scams and fraudulent activity.





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