Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Just letting people know I got the same scam as of Feb 14, 2016 - not from a Roger's site.  I suspect they have a "survey" for every major ISP.  The fine print at the bottom of the survey does mention they are not affiliated with Roger's.  Perhaps that's how they stay out of jail.

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

In the same way that banks tell us what you can expect from them and what is probably a scam, the same is true for CRA and many others


Is there someway to know when a request that comes up is truly Rogers - what should we look for.



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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

I'm still waiting to hear back from the former head of the Bank of Nigeria to give him my bank info so he can send me a cheque for $5 million ....


I never do surveys. I never open an email from someone I don't know and even some of them are bogus. The internet is a jungle inhabited by predators preying on the old and unwise.


If the doorbell rings and you aren't expecting anyone......Please DO NOT ANSWER IT!

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Have been victim of similar survey and yes originated from Rogers site (just one day after we agreed on a two year bundle plan), with offers of beauty products at end of survey for shipping price.
Got a product in mail with a shipping paid for but 3 weeks later an automatic $148 gone on our credit. So had to cancel and change card as Visa was aware of similar issues.
I believe rogers should be responsible as they initiate the surveys with untrusted companies. We have Antivirus and malware but to no success.
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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

I encountered the 'Rogers Survey scam' a few days ago, and have now sent to my credit institution the following message, which may possibly help you investigate: 


I have found my credit card has been fraudulently charged by the following parties:


<2>ELLEDERMO.COM  $5..94




All the above charges, I am certain, were associated with a Rogers

survey, which turned out to be a scam.

On Sept.8th I received an e-mail on Rogers survey, which I went

through, and as a reward I was offered a cosmetic at $3.90 with a

saving of over $50 and my wife was interested in it, her name with

credit particulars were entered to get the special offer.  Immediately

after the required credit card info. were given, the website was

disconnected, and to date no order confirmation or invoice has been


It is easy to find online many individuals who have encountered

the said Rogers survey scam, which should be curbed with the

help and support of all credit institutions.

It is hope that you may find a way to protest the subject fraudulent charges.

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

almost the same thing was running in end of august 2016, this time with a company named Retinolla


after the survey I was told I won a gift, only had to pay the shipping (less then $6) was arround  $180, what I did. now 4 weeks ago, they took the full price (plus for another "cheap" item I took (same thing). I called rogers, they are telling me the dont know anything about the promotion or the company.  called the company, they are said that was a 14 day trail, and I did not sent it back. 


so far, about $380 are gone. see if I can get them back, but dont think so, looking for others who had the same problem. i'm goner check with police if the know anything about this company. have a good popup blocker running, how can this happen ?


never ever did this before, just becorse it was a rogers servey. for me, the are responsible, it is their webside.

dont know jet if I stay with rogers, how can I trust them in the future ?

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

just googeled Rogers - Retinolla.

same thin with the same company habend before.

those guy's talked to rogers too. how come, they dont know anything abbout it ?


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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Rogers Survey - MAJOR SCAM!!  I tried to log in to Rogers to pay my Bill online and could not get onto the regular website until I completed a survey, which then said to choose a free gift as a thanks from Rogers, for which you would only have to pay $4.95 shipping .  I thought What the heck's only $5 !  Now my BMO Debit Mastercard has been charged $300 !!!   I cannot find the company that apparently distributes this stupid Garcinia Cambodia, but wanted to let everyone know, so no one else falls victim to this scam.  For a company as large and customer-service oriented as Rogers, you would think their security team would be able to prevent this from happening.  All your good customers are getting scammed!!   I would like to hear back on this from Rogers! I am NOT impressed!!

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Hello @Angrycustomer-

I wouldn't blame Rogers on this one. Garcia Cambodia is known for this. They scam many people and make fake surveys to do this. My girlfriend got a supplement from a site that had the same advertising as well. It was sold by Garcia Cambodia but unfortunately it was all a scam.She was charged over $550 on her debit Visa and was told she had a membership with them when she never did. We had gotten the Toronto Police involved and even the site was contacted by them and her lawyers. Unfortunately they never responded to them but when I called Garcia Cambodia and told them I have the Toronto police officer and that either i get my money back or they get charged, the person over admitted to their company doing scams like this and how he was sorry. Refunded our money back and even admitted his company ignored the calls and hung up when the Toronto police investigator's called and same with her lawyer's. It took her and us over 3 months to get this resolved. It's the fact that this company including others bypass any security system you can think of and get people like her and you to rob from. Unfortunately after that happened, she said only trusts sites I check for her or buys things in stores.

Also they know how to duplicate websites.. So you might have entered the Rogers site, but it wasn't the actual one. Rogers site monitors this as well. The Rogers surveys they usually do are offers Rogers gives out but not on surveys when logging in.

Always use the tips below to know.
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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam


I had the same problem. after completing a survey, they asked me to collect the gift of around 120 CAD. this gift is facial cream from and i found my card charged for 370 CAD for 30ml cream sample. i contacted the bank and sent emails to both the companies to return back the money. I will return back their products as well since this is fruad.