Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

When I got the "survey" notice, which was for realdeals in disguise saying it was a Rogers survey, I only got the ads when I went to this Community, and never anywhere else. That's one of the strange things I found before I got rid of it.

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Interestingly the legit Rogers feedback prompt comes up as I try to reply. Perhaps you might like to stop that thing Mr. Rogers, since as a 117 year old female of Martian decent who watches 40 hours of TV a day, I think you might get some wrong replies anyways. lol


Ok, IntouchWeekly or sites like them "10 celebrities you didn't know had foot fungus" type stories seems to be the latest culprit. You get these things from Fox News....   take that for what it is worth.


A saying from the TV series Hustle - You can't con an honest man. Perhaps those like the original poster should consider that.


Anything offered unsolicited should be ignored. If you don't click bad things, you likely won't have bad things happen. And never trust the mega Virus Checkers such as Norton Bloatware or McaFee SneakinDuringInstalls programs. 


Read. Think. Read it again. If you didn't ask for it don't click it, NEVER close it, if you can't shut the window then ctrl-alt-delete and shut the browser, if you're blocked from that then do the very bad Hail Mary and hold the power button down for 10 seconds and reboot. Hackers are better than any IT expert, unfortunately.

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam



If you look at the email you will notice that the sender's address does not end with

If it doesn't end with it's not from them.



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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Just got a request to do a 30 seconds Rogers survey. Is it real?


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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Hello @ IanD77,


Welcome to Rogers Community Forum!Smiley Happy


Need little more info on that question; I’m assuming you received an email? Probably the survey is true, provided you have recently contacted Customer care or technical support departments.


The survey is not from Rogers if it’s asking you any personal information or asking you to upgrade your email etc.


Sometimes, when you visit website, you may see a pop-up from Forsee or ResponseTek to participate in the survey, that’s from us.


General rule if survey wants to fill in your account number or name etc. it’s not from Rogers. Hope this helpsSmiley Happy




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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Hi @IanD77 


I just wanted to add my input...


We are aware that there is currently a scam where some of our customers may get a popup asking them to complete a survey about Rogers cable to receive a free iPad or something similar. This includes entering personal information.


Users will be referred to “”. They will be prompted to click a link to claim their prize, at which point they will be informed some information was not entered properly.


Depending on your security and antivirus settings, at the point you might be infected with the virus, which will continue to data mine your system.


We are doing everything we can to prevent this fraud to use our name and we try to make our customers and agents aware as much as we can. If you had an interaction with our customer care or technical support department, it is very possible that you receive a customer satisfaction survey, which will be sent to your email address in the 3-5 days following the conversation in question.


If you received a survey through a pop up where you are required to enter personal data, do not take action or install anything offered (applet etc). For further assistance, you should contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to report scams and fraudulent activity.



Hope this helps!



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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

it is a scam . do not participate ,period .........

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

The last time I had occasion to call Rogers about something, I received an email request to provide feedback a couple of days later. I've been a Rogrers customer since 1979 and have never seen this before, but it was legitimate.

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

After tha last couple of calls for assistance I made to Rogers, I received a feedback request, which was a survey.

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Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

About every other time i call in, i get a phone or email survey.

They are completely legit.

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