Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

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Rogers survey turned out to be a scam


On 3rd Nov 2013 evening while I was logging into my account in I got a msg asking me whether I am interested in participating in a Rogers survey. I was informed that if I participate in the survey I will be eligible for a $50 gift. I agreed for the survey and participated in it. They asked few questions online. Like how often do you visit, whether you use rogers at home or office etc.At the end of the survey I was told that I am eligible for a $50 gift and asked me to select one of the gifts from a link given.I went into that link.It was a third party site( and there was 3 products displayed there.I selected one(ipod).Then it took me to another page where the price of the ipod was given as $0 and shipping charges was $3.I didnt want to give my credit card details to a strange site.So I hesitated in the beginning but since that offer I got when I was in Rogers site made me confident to give my credit card details.They just asked only for $3 and for that I will get an ipod worth $50.So I felt good.

During the transaction my bank(td bank) confirmed from me that its a authorized transaction.I gave permission to the bank to pay $3 for shipping.Every thing went fine till then.They deducted $3 from my account and told I will get my ipod in 2-3 weeks.But next day there was a $49.99 deduction from my account.At first I thought it the price of the ipod I purchased.But later when I checked my mail I understood that its a 1 month membership fee for their website.I never applied for any membership.With out my permission they added me as a member and deducted $49.99 from my account.They will deduct it every month if I dont cancel it.The phone number given in the website is UK number so I cannot call them.I send them mail asking them to cancel my membership and refund the money.But I got a auto generated reply that they will reply with in 24 hours.But nobody contacted me.I contacted my bank to stop anymore payments to that company but they are telling they cannot stop that and I have to change my credit card.I am so upset.I gave my credit card details only because I was asked from Rogers site.I never thought from rogers site such a scam will come.I contacted Rogers customer service but didnt get any proper response. According to the guy Rogers didnt do any that kind of survey so rogers is not responsible.I dont think so.If I got the link from some random web page then its my responsibility to make sure its from Rogers.But if its came from then its their reponsibility.I will never participate in any more rogers survey.If rogers didnt do that survey then how come a third party was able to pretend as Rogers when somebody log in to Either they hacked or some one helped them to  create a link in Any way I lost my money.I don't think I will get it back. I wish no one else will be cheated like me. Hope Rogers will do necessary action against the company who used Rogers name for trapping people.Or Rogers good will will be affecetd.Rogers is equally responsible because this fraud happened through their website.


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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

I doubt that Rogers would give such a company access to their website to host that type of survey. The only survey request I've ever received while browsing was from a company called Foresee, and they seem to be a rather reputible company.

This sounds more like Spyware or malware to me. Have you run a spyware or virus scan recently?
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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

I actually just got the one crilde mentioned pop up.. havent seen it in a while... mentions nothing of a $50 gift or anything.

It is possible.. its more of a directed form of malware?  Some form on injection.

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

I think you got scammed by spyware. While you were on, a pop-up from the browser probably redirected you to the scammer's survey site....


You should always check the link, there are soooooooo many fraud sites out there. I've seen emails sent from paypal look alikes asking you to reset your password (so that they can get your real password).....


Best thing to do is learn your lesson, change your creditcard and thank goodness that you've only lost $50. Most people get scammed for a lot more than that!! :-)

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam



I'd like to know more about it and have our team investigate. Can you please PM me more details about the issue?



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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

I just had this pop up on my screen. I assume it is the same thing as described in this thread. I did not click on the ACCEPT button, but took screenshots of the page. If you send me your email address I will send the photos to you.


It says:


Dear Rogers Cable user,

Your computer (IO address: is eligible to participate today.

You will get an exclusive gift in exchange for sharing your opinion about Robers Cable!

We ask that you take a quick, 30 second survey.

Please not: The survey is 100% anonymous.

ACCEPT (button)



2013 Robers Cable Survey - OS X and Firefox User - Deember 05, 2014

In just 4 quick questions, help us brin you an improved Rogers Cable experience.

Want to know what your reward is? Complete this survey to find out - they are all worh more than $40!

Your computer (IP address: is eligible to participate today: December 05, 2014!


Your privacy is important to us... privacy policy and terms. We are not affiliated nor...


Here is the full link to the 'survey':

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Taking a peek at the site and looking it up online... its a well known scam site, and not legit.

Then comes down to WHY it came up for you.

I am on the website.. multiple times a day with helping here... and i havent got it..
So i am not thinking per say, that the site itself is inftected/been changed.

First thing i would do, is do a full VIRUS and MALWARE scan, to make sure your machine is clean.

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

I got a survey request a couple of days ago from Rogers. . I don't know if it was the same thing or not. It is possible it was a legit survey. It came up as soon as I logged into the Rogers site.

I never even clicked on the link, so no harm done, but it's good to know that scams like this can happen even on what I assumed was a secure site.
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Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

There is the sometimes the popup thing in the middle of the screen survey thing..  I have done that one once.. but it wasnt to that site, etc.



There are different ways of these things to happen.

A ) site hyjacked alltogether.
B ) an add causes the popup/redirect (shouldnt be the case here), no adds.
C ) malware or something similar.. which is residing on the PC.. and will inject itself at any time, localy.

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Re: Rogers survey turned out to be a scam

Thanks for your quick response.

I am running a scan for viruses/malware right now, but it may be a browser issue... just upgraded Firefox but the example below refers to Chrome and Teksavvy.


Here is a link to another similar post. Mine looks just the same except the ISP and IP info is different.


Didn't even click on it, but am certainly curious why it came up too. First time for me.

Will let you know if Sophos finds anything.

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