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Rogers Solution Refund

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey, I know Rogers had a 100 visa gift card deal going on with my s8 preorder and I called yesterday about it and the guy on the phone said they haven't started sending them out yet but I got a message today but I can't tell if it's a scam link or not. Can anyone confirm?

The number is 905 866 9610 and the message reads

Rogers Solutions Refund! Collect your money at: ***LINK REMOVED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES***




Re: Rogers Solution Refund

Is this a scam?

So I received a text saying I was overcharged
And that you own me 98$ is this legit or not?

(URL removed for security reasons - RogersMoin)

Thats the URL they using

Re: Rogers Solution Refund

Hello, @Babiilocks.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 😃


We have discussed similar smishing texts in this thread. We don't send refunds via text message; it would get directly adjusted on your bill. 
Please forward the suspected SPAM message to 7726 (SPAM), and they will be audited and then blocked from the Rogers network as a whole.
Thanks for your contribution and for your help in keeping the community a pleasant place to be.

Re: Rogers Solution Refund

its a scam, if u do a search for rogers solution refund you will see this has been an ongoing scam and fraud, ignore it