Received Call & Text For Someone Else--What Should I Do?

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Received Call & Text For Someone Else--What Should I Do?

I recieved a call from Roger's communications, but the name linked to the account wasn't mine, it was someone else and they haven't called since I told them this is my number but the other day I recieved a text message from a website with the other person name attached saying so and so. I'm worried it'll mess with my credit or payments



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Re: Received Call & Text For Someone Else--What Should I Do?



Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and great first post! 😀


I can certainly understand your concern with receiving a call and text message for another person. May I please clarify if the name was the same for both the call and text message you received? 


From what I gather, it could be that this person may have had your current phone number previously, and therefore, their name (along with your phone number) may still be on the marketing lists for certain establishments. With that being said, unless you are receiving notifications that there are outstanding accounts under YOUR NAME SPECIFICALLY, I wouldn't worry about it too much. You wouldn't be held accountable for any services or debts that are under someone else's name to which there is no association.


If you receive any further calls or text messages for someone else, you may politely let them know that they have the wrong phone number and request to opt-out of their marketing list. You can also find instructions on how to add your phone number to the National Do Not Call List by clicking HERE


I hope this helps! 🙂



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Re: Received Call & Text For Someone Else--What Should I Do?

I keep getting texts from Rogers Accounting, with name, 9 digit account number and payment details for the wrong customer.  I'm pretty sure it's legit and not some fake phishing text message.


I am getting these on my corporate company cell phone (I don't have any wireless services on my own account).  Can a mod please contact me and I'll provide the text message details to help get this corrected?   (wait time by phone seems to be 1-2 hours)




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Re: Received Call & Text For Someone Else--What Should I Do?

Greetings @HWDan!


These things can happen sometimes if a number is ever re-used. Sometimes it happens by mistake... either way, I'm terribly sorry about that. I know unprompted calls like this can be annoying.


If you wouldn't mind PMing us @CommunityHelps, I can further assist and make sure you stop receiving these calls. 



 If you're not familiar with our PMing system, please see this post.