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I've Been Around
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Re: Phone Scam

I received a call the other day from 905-203-3574 and they said they were calling on behalf of rogers and that I owed a balance in the $200 range.  I was very confused and refused to provide any personal information to verify who I was.  I quickly logged on to my account and confirmed my outstanding balance and spoke to a rogers agent to confirm that my balance was in fact paid.


  Is this a legit Rogers collections #?  If not, be aware that they're making their rounds.



I've Been Around
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Re: Phone Scam

I had a similar problem.  connected to  #255411800249   ---   TANZANIA  ---  for  117 mins, costing me $ 228 !!

I did not make that outgoing call. The phone was with me.  Spoke with  Rogers Customer service.  Their view it cannot be a scam as it is an outgoing call from a cell phone.  Has anybody else had a similar problem?

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Phone Scam

Well today is Mother's Day and Rogers celebrated this by having their customer service network crash after maintenance and reps unable to access TV and Internet information.  I tried online chat with Jamie to no avail because I wanted to know why I was charged $240 for monthly services when I should have been charged $189.   Jamie didn't like the question and closed the chat.  3 hours later at exactly 3:44 pm I got a text from Rogers (supposedly) phone number 1-437-777-2884 linking me to a site offering me an e transfer for the overcharged amount.  Now if this is legit, good on Rogers for clearing up my concern so quickly.  However I suspect it isn't so I won't be entering any personal information on that site until I speak with someone from rogers about this.  Sad that scammers know Rogers overcharged me but Rogers doesn't...

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Phone Scam

A quick google search has revealed this number to be a scam. Looks like Rogers got hacked and some personal information got stolen
Rogers Employee JakeyPrime
Rogers Employee
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Re: Phone Scam

Looking the number up, it is a scam. All of the numbers that Roger's uses to make outbound calls are never local numbers. (The only exception, is if a Roger's store is calling you, but even then, they don't call about account information such as this) 

Agents refusing to give you a name or interaction ID is something that we can't do (I work for Rogers Care) nor can we end chats or end calls.

You can see here some information about our outbound calling and telemarketing policies, and what we can and can't do.

Do not provide these phone numbers with any information about you, and call us at our publicly posted care numbers to find information about your account, we would love to help.

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