My home phone has been hijacked

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My home phone has been hijacked

I received a call from what appeared to be fraud department at my bank telling me to call the number from the back of my card and cancel the account. I called 1-800 number and at first looked like I was talking to legit customer service. Once they asked me to download and install TeamViewer so they can connect to my computer I knew I got tricked into calling them back.

How can they redirect my call to the bank's customer service and have it connect to their number.

Is my Rogers home phone service hijacked? If yes, HOW?





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Re: My home phone has been hijacked

Afternoon @mristovic and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums,


Spam calls are becoming quite a pain :(. It's easy to manipulate numbers via spoofing. I've never had my financial institution ever ask me to call back to complete a task relating to fraud. If you did not download the software and did not provide any financial information you should be okay. If you have divulged any banking info I would recommend you to reach out to your financial institution ASAP. 


Always remember to contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to report scams and fraudulent activity.






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Re: My home phone has been hijacked

Hi mristovic. I would not worry about being hijacked. Let me explain how they did it. They called you on your landline so they knew your number already. They pretended to be a fraud dept. Then when they said they will hang up and you call the number on your card its where the scam happens. They trick you by pretending to hang up and playing a dial tone on the line. Your still connected to the original scammer but you believe your calling a legitimate number and divulge personal info. This is how the scam works. It only works with landlines not cell phones cus cellphones dont have dialtone.