Feature request - ignore too short voicemail

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Feature request - ignore too short voicemail


I haven't seen any mention of this so I'm guessing it's not available, it would be great if voicemail that are too short, say 3 seconds, is automatically deleted.

In the last few days I've been getting a lot of spam robo-calls all from the same source.  I blocked the number on my phone but that just makes them leave a 2 second quiet voicemail that I then have to dial in and delete each one which is annoying and time consuming.



P.S. Visual Voicemail on Android would also help with this issue!




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Re: Feature request - ignore too short voicemail

Hello @RD21,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post :). I wish there was a way to completely restrict spam callers from leaving us a voicemail. It's really quite inconvenient. Usually I just hit 7 to delete the message as soon as it starts playing so I don't have to sit through a spam message. 


Thank you again for your suggestion, we'll keep the Community updated if there are any new available features.