Fake 5GB/Month Infinite Promotion Email

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Fake 5GB/Month Infinite Promotion Email

I have received a number of emails from emails@rogers.com promising a 5gb/month option for the Rogers Infinite service. These emails look and feel exactly like any legitimate Rogers messaging except when I called in to upgrade my service to this new option, I was told the promotion does not exist.


I have since sent the attached screenshots to the abuse@rogers.com email address, but wanted to highlight this issue for other community members who might be targeted by this. 

Rogers fake promotion email1.pngRogers fake promotion email2.png





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Re: Fake 5GB/Month Infinite Promotion Email

Good evening @thomsste,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for sharing this with the Community and for reporting the email as well. As always please remember not to click on suspicious links or provide any information to unknown senders.