Email Scam - email account suspended

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Email Scam - email account suspended

I received the following email from "Rogers Comm"<> with the subject "undisclosed-recipients" and message:

Dear Valid User,

To Your Notice: We found out that your email has been suspended by our mail service! due to the unrecognized login area activities. To activate back your account click on the link below else we shall suspend your account within 24hrs.

RESOLVE ISSUE NOW (Removed the malicious link - RogersMoin)


Thank you,
Rogers Communications



The bad English and the fact that I received this email while logged into an apparently suspended account (although it also says the account will be suspended in 24 hours) made me suspicious that this was just another scam. Can Rogers confirm that this email is not from them? 





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Re: Email Scam - email account suspended

Hello, @fae45.


Thank you for posting the phishing email in the Community, it will help in raising awareness of such scams. 


As you have already guessed it's not from us. If an email looks like an official Rogers communication but is asking for suspicious or confidential information, don’t respond to it.


Rogers will never ask for your credit card number, personal information or password by email. Never respond to emails asking you to click on an embedded link (like RESOLVE ISSUE NOW in your post) to validate or confirm your details.


If possible please take the screenshot of the email including the header of the email and send it to titled "Suspicious Email Received".


Thanks for your contribution and for your help in keeping the community a pleasant place to be.




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Re: Email Scam - email account suspended

Here is another phish just received today:


Your incoming mails were placed on hold due to the fact you are using an outdated Rogers Mail version. Please click HERE to upgrade your account for free and enjoy the new Rogers Mail version.




Rogers  Administrator


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Re: Email Scam - email account suspended

Good morning and welcome to our Community @abce258!


Thank you for informing us about this phishing scam.


I would recommend reporting it to us via the official method that @RogersMoin mentioned above. Thanks again!