Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

Get Ident-A-Call . If it don't Ring Rite , Don't Pick Up.



Rogers Employee EhmTeeEhf
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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

Also did you look into the free service from rogers called Rogers one number. I use this and it is like a Web phone app you install on your smartphone. The best part about this free app is it let's you block. Unknown callers and also it let's you block numbers. I add those pesky telemarketers to it and my problem is solved. Also Rogers xtrene text messaging you can block texts too for free.

Also for the people with iPhone you can now block people right from your phone. Add them as a contact then edit it and it allows you to block them.

Most androids have a built in block list for calls and texts but I prefer Ron as it already does it.

Yes on windows phones it's built into amber and works great too.

If you want to know more about Rogers one number go to

Sorry posting from my BlackBerry may make some typos
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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

Although Rogers won't help you for free, if you have an iPhone, you can easily block unwanted callers.


With iOS 7 or later, you can block voice calls, FaceTime calls, and messages. Go to to find instructions on how to it. It's simple.

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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

i cant access call manager

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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

You should not have to pay for a service or app to block telemarketing calls. The technology to do that already exists, but the big telcos just don't want to implement it.


The reason has to be that since the advent of the cellphone, customers pay to receive all calls as well as make them. That means that the customer pays for every one of these nuisance calls. It's not a big problem for me because I only have my cellphone on for 2 or 3 times a week when I go out for an hour or two. But it seems that half the calls I receive on my home phone are telemarketers or other scammers. So it has to be a bigger problem (and more money for Rogers) for people who have their cellphones on 24/7.

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

I got a phone for my 11 year old, so that he could text me when he's home alone, or when he missed the bus. It causes him great stress, and makes him feel unsafe when he constantly receives spam. We've already changed numbers, because he was receiving 6 calls a was quiet when we changed the phone number, but it's starting up again. What was meant to give him a feeling of safety now makes him feel unsafe. 

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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

Greedy Rogers. Now I think Rogers have this calling centers to promote the Block Callers revenue. I am sick of it. Rogers should clean their garbage
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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams


Now as with “Air Duct” cleaning somebody phone me on behalf of Rogers. 3 calls in 4 days with same results.

When you say no, you get sworn at. The more the better this person at the call center feels.

I phone Rogers and ..

The Rogers Concierge threatened to cancel my service because I dare say I’m unhappy and would leave if they don’t help. Then I better make my mind up and tell her now what I want to do. An ultimatum from Rogers because I complained.

It’s my fault somebody phone and say they phone on behalf of Rogers and it’s my fault for thinking they are acting for Rogers. Is Rogers now on par with Air Duct and we have to screen calls weekly from Rogers that's abusive when you say no.


 They should look at their marketing. This will make many enemies.



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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams

Yes, it is a pretty standard scam - starts Rogers has an offer for - the one on the web site - you are with Bell right - I don't say anything, I just hang up, knowing I will get more.


As for you getting what clearly sounds like and ultimatum, and and threat (my perspective on what you wrote) - I would forward a concern to the management team - this is unacceptable.



I'm a Frequent Visitor
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Re: Blocking Unwanted Callers - Telemarketer's/Scams



I spoke to 3 different people before this person gave me the ultimatum. Nobody wanted to even listen to me.

And it’s a Rogers drive for new clients done by a third party.  Not a scam, you can buy new services through them.

 I don’t think Rogers really cares. We are “customers” and they have us. So why worry about us.


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