BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam



Actually, it's never been proven to be a scam.  In every case I've ever seen on this forum or other forums, after the issue has been analyzed, the Rogers data plan has been correct.  In every case I've seen the person complaining about incorrect data usage has an issue with their computer/tablet, etc. uploading or downloading data from the cloud, unbeknownst to them or some similar issue.  Their computer settings had changed for example.  What happened over the past years has no bearing on what's happening now after settings have changed.


I do recall that once a few years back there was a mixup in Rogers accounts, but that was straightened out with a call to Rogers.


Rogers cannot scam customers, otherwise they would quickly be out of business.

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

It's a scam . I have a data monitor app on my phone that tracks my data usage daily right down to how much time I use wifi onto my phone and its accurate . And it never matches what rogers says I use . Plus when I called into the call center and they used the " data leakage " term on me and told me to talk to Apple ... when I took my phone to apple for them to look at and they showed me how to turn apps off to only use wifi and I don't need them to shrink the amount of data my phone uses techs laughed and said that it's just a BS term that phone companies use to try to explain why u could be using lots of data but it doesn't exist !!!! And yet today my data app still never matches the amount that rogers says I use !!! My rogers account always says I use way more
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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

Good morning @Sodo1976


Welcome to our Community Forums!


If you're using a third party data tracking app, please be certain that you have it set to coincide with your billing cycle dates.


It's my experience that these apps automatically default to using the 1st and last day of each month, which will wind up displaying an inaccurate number at the end of the month if your bill cycle dates are different. 





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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

The Rogers data will always be right, because they will not show you where the data was used, and you have no choice but to pay them or ruin your credit. That's what make it impossible to prove and so easy for Rogers to continue doing it.
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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

Not sure HOW you would like them to completely show you how/where??

Some phones, can do that on a device bassis.

But generally for cellular and home internet.. its just a general THROUGHPUT.  total bytes in/out.  Regardless of protocol, etc used.
There is some monitoring on protocol level.. (How the other SMTPs are blocked.. how they a long time ago did torrent throttling).  
But to record EVERYTHING.. even on the higher end equipment, business grade (which your talking like 15k for a router?), still requires a seperate server to then dump all the information to.  And even at that point.. your most likely talking 'This IP/MAC address... using this protocol.. did this'... so not even what specific app/program on that device was using it.

Coul this be potentially done? Yea. But with insane cost incrases likely.  For the amount of monitoring/recording which would have to be done for EVERY customer out there.
(I have a whole SQL server here at my work, JUST for the dumps from out router, and isnt even collecting THAT much detail).

I have been with Rogers internet, since the BETA program for it in Newmarket.  With your whoping 256k modem!
So have been through no data caps, to when they introduced them, etc.
Being in IT, i have always generally monitored my usage (roughly).  I now that i watched X many hours streaming this quality, should roughly be THIS.  Downloaded X many updates of this size, etc.
And usually with my calculations, vs what the rogers usage showed.. was usually with in 500mb (again, mine were rough, so there would be some variance).
Only time i have EVER gone over.. was when my wife once, early on netflix days.. didnt realize how much it used and did like 10 hours a day for like 4 days.. and the other time when i left a torrent seeding for a weekend and forgot about it.

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

I've been on Pay-as-you-Go for years, with the 10$/100MB plan. Last week I have decided to top-up with 20$ to get some voice credits. Two days ago the 10$ credit has been taken for the data, good. Guess what, today I got a text message saying my data is gone and I will be charged by the usage. I find out there's only 13 cents in my account and I've been charged extra data for 2 days. My phone reports I have used only 9 MB during those 3 days, Rogers says I used all of it.


I strongly believe there's a scam because I choose to top-up with extra credits and I removed the "auto-top-up" feature, so it might look like Rogers felt like I was a leaving customer and decided to use all my credits. Also, the SMS about my data over-consumption came much too late, just when my credits were at 0$.



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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam


Hello, @TurboLed


Thank you for joining and posting your concern in the Community. I appreciate your loyalty and I'm sorry for the poor experience you have encountered with account top up and data overages. Please be aware the data usage shown on the phone may not be accurate if the duration set is not coinciding the data top-up date. I suggest to reach out to our Pay As You Go department for the clarification, thank you for understanding. 




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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

I know how to set-up my data usage dates on my phone and I monitor that closely. The Pay As You Go department accepted to give me another 100 MB back (they think they gave me a favor) but at the end I lost all the extra credits (10$) that I wanted to use for voice. 

I didn't know that I was being charged data usage until I got the SMS message, way too late after all the credits were gone.

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

Yesterday again I got a lot of discrepancies in my account.

-Phone shows 10 MB of usage

-611 reports only 10MB of data left (out of 100MB). That means 90 MB were used

-When I sum up the online transaction reports, it gives a total usage of 38 MB since last data top-up. I would have expected 90 MB as 611 reports.

-High data usage at two different specific times (21 MB and 14 MB), not recorded on phone

-Extra data fees being charged while *611 still reports 10 MB of data left. Why am I being charged if I still have *some* data?


So, it's not only a problem on my end. The whole Rogers systems are inconsistent.

-611 thinks I have used 90 MB, leaving10 MB

-Online report shows a total usage of less than 40 MB, leaving 60 MB

-Rogers billing system thinks I'm out of data and they need to charge me by the MB.


I think it's for the same reason that I did not get the SMS about my data being expired, it's that the Rogers systems don't agree with each other. I have no way of knowing I'm being charged for data other than looking up the charges online. And still I don't know why I'm being charged and where the data went.


I have kept a record of my online reports that clearly show the data usage since the last top-up and the charges that are being applied at the end.


I have talked to the Pay-As-You-Go department again yesterday and they accepted to give me the data and some credits, but I don't know if the issue is resolved. I'm monitoring that closely with my phone.


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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

I am middle aged / live alone and not that tech saavy so I use my cell for emailing / googling things / communicating on Face Book and I watch the occasional SHORT video on you tube. I do not ever watch movies or play games.
I turn data off when not using phone.
I am.on a top expensive plan and already paying about $100 a month.
My habits have not changed however I am suddenly running out of data COSTANTLY.
I then start receiving a barrage of irritating confusing text messages from Rogers telling me my data is shut off / asking me if I agree to pay more etc . etc. etc.
I agree to pay MORE and then data comes back on but internet is slow and sporadic. My emails have all failed for a long time and I did not even know which I am really mad about as some of the emails were important.
My phone reception is sporadic.
So basically I am paying MORE sometimes $100 a month for crappier service.
I've spent all night in the phone with Rogers .. they gave me mire data.. I wake up to the exact same thing .. I am over my data .. how did that happen in the middle of the night?
Corresponding on Facebook with a rep again.
I also went to the store days ago and they tweaked things to reduce data usage which did not help.
I know Rogers is doing sonething different and this is causing this to happen.
Been reading about this issue and finding some interesting things out Like it's cheaper to go with an American plan.
I am really disappointed as I was a very happy customer and have convinced many others to go with Rogers but if this is how they do business I am going elsewhere!