BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

Nice to know we're not the only ones being scammed. I have just transferred over to my wife's line from Telus (who I have been with for 10 years with 0 problems). Since making the switch 2 weeks ago, I have had my data cut off for no reason and now have also received notice that we have gone $50 over our 10GB data limit. At that time I used about 300mb and my wife had apparently used 18GB.

We called customer support and after waiting for 30+ minutes (brutal btw) they also told us that we were basically liars and must have used it without knowing. We asked for the timeline when all this data was eaten up and 3GB happened within 3 hours when my wife was at work connected to wifi and another happened at 4am when she was sleeping (also connected to wifi at home). They told us a president of something would contact us within 24-72 hours..... that was 5 days ago.

I think we'll both be transferring our service back to Telus and if Rogers wants to charge us, we'll be looking st charging them for a scam.

Only way Rogers can redeem themselves now is to redeem our data, get rid of the $50 overage charge and give us a sweet deal on a plan

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

I agree. I have a family share plan. Four iPhones. Started out with 4 gigs of data. Having two teenagers in the house started pressing on that 4 gig I started paying a bit extra when we went over, but never anymore than a gig. So I upped it to 6 gigs....more than enough right?....well a few months into that change I started receiving the dreaded 90% usage warning. No one was doing anything different with their phones. My oldest...was always the culprit. He swore he wasn't doing anything different than before. But for some reason his phone was racking up the data. I upped the plan again. 10gigs! A couple of months past....then bam! "You are at 90% data useage" the culprit? My sons phone. Again he swore that he wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. I watch some some Spotify...face book...whatever...and I never really crack the 3 gig mark!!....I contacted Rogers...and like the good salespeople they are...I managed to change my package which ended up with a whopping 16gigs of data for little extra cost. Finally...there's no way we can crack this ceiling I thought....probably three months past...a midnight text..."you've reached 90% of your data useage"....and we still have 12 days left on our cycle before it resets!!....the culprit? My sons phone.... Now I know it's easy to say...well he must be doing something...but we are surrounded by wifi...there's no my opinion he's racking up that kind of data! thought? Rogers can do what they want. They can monitor a phone and see that it usually runs up the data a bit...then maybe dial it up so instead of using 5 gigs...."we'll make it look like 7 gigs bahahaha!!"...then suggest that the account holder upgrade their plan to the next highest data package...just my thought but a pretty good scam if you ask me.
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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

@larsenc I'm not really familiar with this, but phones have a setting to use data instead of wifi if the wifi signal seems a bit weak. Make sure your son has that feature disabled on his phone.

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

(going to open this, that yes errors and problems can happen on a back end.. so this is not blaming the user.  But working in IT.. 9/10 times, from experience, things end up being on the user side, even without them knowing)


To really test, you need to reset the data usage on the phone, at the same time your plan resets.. to make sure they are 1:1.

But in the iphone settings, you can see how much, each app, has used of cellular data.

Settings > Cellular 
At the bottom, reset statistics.
This screen should then also show you, how much EACH app is using.
(so this may find a culprit app)
On this page, also as was mentioned above, is the Wi-Fi Assist.  This will use cellular when the wifi is weak. 
If they are in wifi, but its not the strongest (a room, far away from the router?) the wifi assist could be kicking in and eating up cellular.

On the flip side as well.. one thing to watch, is while usage patterns may not have changed..  how that usage is sent/what is sent may have?
While on proper wifi.. things shouldnt make a difference.
But on cellular? They can. 
Spotify.. by default is on the highest quality.  Ends up around upwards of 5-7mb per song? Can add up. 
Same for netflix, etc.  Netflix on high quality, even to a phone, is usually 3+mb per SECOND.
Even youtube can be a culprit.  Viewing on your small phone screen, doesnt seem to bad?  But that stream could be in 4k.. its being compressed down to display on your small screen, but your still downloading a 4k stream.. which is huge.

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

Thanks for the info. I have reset the data statistics on all four phones. So I will be comparing the data useage. This past month my data overage charge was $90.00! My wifes phone which never cracks the 2-300mb ceiling was curiously almost gig. I hate being suspicious but I really feel that rogers is blatently ripping its cuctomers off. We are not doing anything differently each month but are being charged exponentially it seems. It will be interesting to see what the data comparisons reveal.  In my opinion Rogers should be investigated for fraud. They are literally stealing from its customers. 

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

I completely understand where you are coming from.

And I am not trying to tak away any blame potentially from rogers.. there is always a chance of stuff going wrong on their end, etc.


But just from personal experience..  working in the IT and telecom industry for quite a number of years (NOT with rogers, i do not work for them)... 9/10 times..  it is usually something on the users end.. weither on purpose or not.


I have been with rogers WRIED internet, since the Beta program for the rogerswave started in newmarket in 1995.  With the whopping 256k modem! Smiley Tongue
Been through when the caps were first introduced, etc.   With working in IT, i have always been close in monitoring my usage anyways.   I know roughly how much my gaming uses a month, how much regular just day to day browsing, etc.  How many GB i have downloaded.   More recently, roughly how much streaming would be taking up (X many hours times 5mbps for HD on the TV, etc).   
I have overall found the results to be pretty accurate.. within a few hundred megabytes of my guestimate.

Same goes for wireless.
(mind you, i have always been cautious with wireless.. i DONT use it for anything more than facebook (no videos), and text based stuff while on cellular).


There was only one time in the past, where i was having issues... where i DID go over my usage by a fair bit, in under 48 hours!  This was when i got my first iPhone, and wasnt aware of all the features, tricks yet.
I was browsing a forum fairly regularily on it, on one of the webpages.  Had it open if not up, a fair bit of the time.  Unaware to me, it was refreshing the page, like ever 30 seconds... add that up over a 48 hour period.. it was adding up. (was fairly graphic heavy).  They showed me how to close the app (double click and close it), reboot the phone to ensure all processes stoped.  And the data stoped.


Again, i am not saying its YOUR fault.
Nor that rogers could have a billing error, etc.

But for them commiting fraud, etc.
Even if they did it for 100 people, to try and not get noticed... 100 people x $100 overage on average.
$10,000 extra income, right?   Except if they were ever caught... the LEGAL fees that they would pay out, plus payouts, etc.. would be MUCH more than that.  Ontop of getting HEAFTY slaps from the CRTC, etc.
Its not worth it, from a legal standpoint.
They would be better, to just raise the internet pricing across the board, which nothing can stop them, and make the money that way.

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

This is so true !!! I have been with Rogers for years and am seriously not renewing my contract as they are falsely charging data overage on phone accounts!!!

Once your contract is old and they want to suck you into a new more expensive contract they start charging you data overage !!! It's ridiculous . I have a data monitor app that tracks all my usage from browsing emails apps and streaming music and it is always less then the claimed amounts Rogers says I used . I have called customer service and tried to see where I can email the screenshots of what my phone says I used and what Rogers claims . Also the best part of this is one rep claimed I had data leakage and to take my phone to Apple. Apple techs laughed at me and said that's just a fake term they use to try to justify why your data is high!!!! SCAM ARTISTS!!!! Bye bye Rogers you are losing a long term customer !!!
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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

It is so TRUE. I have been with koodo and never had issue for last 6 years and I needed more data so i swithced it to Rogers because of a deal. I had 3 GB with Koodo and upraged it to 5 Gb because it wasnt enough. I had it for 2 months and didnt even get close to 5 GB usage. However when i get rogers 5Gb limit. I already finished it in 20 days. I am already regreted to get in rogers scam. Really disapointed. 


The customer service told me that I have problem with my phone so i should take it to apple.  This is ridiculous.



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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

Hello @theyabas

Do you have WiFi Assist on or off? Do you use any apps that use high data?
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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

I have wifi assist on. I didn't download any other  new app than before. I haven't change my habit of using my phone and never went over my data before for last 5 years. but thanks to Rogers I can't even use my phone while I don't have wifi anymore in 2nd month of being customer.