BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam



If you're having the same problem you should probably see what is causing it. Usually if you have data overage it is because of something on your end, whether increased usage, something not shut off properly on a device, something new you've been doing online, etc.

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

It seems I'm having a similar issue. I switched from an older 1Gb plan to a 2Gb Share Everything plan back in February. Same phone, same apps, same usage pattens (mind you it's only one phone that uses data). I've never went over 1Gb in the last 3.5 years. Now with share everything it's very close to 2Gb usage every month and last month I went over 15Mb (charged $5 - used to be $10 for 1Gb, so a x5 increase in price?! Really?!)


Thus, I tried a little experiment by switching my data off and waiting for the 1st of April when the meter resets on the website. As I had suspected, it shows 21mb for 2 days in the internal android meter and over 30mb on the web. I called in and talked to Rogers tech support. They refused to investigate, suggesting to wait for the end of the month, again, and see if the "discrepancy is bigger than 10mb", because they "can't justify opening a ticket for 10mb" (and the argument that it's more that 1/3 of the data in proportion to the overall consumed in those 2 days - does not impress them, apparently). 


So something IS broken, and I'm not alone at having it noticed. Hopefully, Rogers will notice too, the sooner - the better.

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

Same thing was happening to me when I first got with Rogers around 3 years ago. I signed a 2 yr contract with them for a lg g3. The plan had 6gb. Every month I was going over. Which didn't make sense because I was with Bel for years and never even came close to 2 gb. I finally realized that even though I had my data turned off and only had my wifi on, my phone did not know the difference between data usage on netwerkk vs wifi. Every month I had to spend tons of time calling them for them to treat me like I didn't know what I was doing. Im incredibly savy when it come s to cells. I know how to turn my data off. So finally they agreed with it being a issue with the phone. So they changed it, and guess what, same thing. So finally they changed make and model to see if that was it. Nope. So I just stopped downloading movies all together because I didn't want to have to call every month and spend all that time. So stupid me, I recently renewed my contract. Got a HTC m9. The other day I thought, maybe I'll try and download a cpl shows. I even thought maybe I should take my sim card out just in case it does it again. But I couldn't find the little needle to take it out so I took my chance. Sure enough the next day I get a text from Rogers saying I am over my now 2 gb plan by 30$. Even though I checked my data usage before I downloaded and I wasn't even close to 1 gb. So now I will have to call tomorrow and spend a bunch of time trying to prove my point. Scam is right
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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

Not necessarily..

You said you downloaded a show?   Depending on the show, HD or whatever..  can easily be 1gb+ just on its own.

Heck, even watching a youtube video.. if its say a 4k video.. even though your watching it on the SMALL screen, its still downloading in 4k and will eat bandwidth.

The ONLY data thing I use while not on wifi.. is stuff text based.. facebook being the MOST 'intesnive' type of thing.

There is definately something else going on if your using data while on wifi.

I have had 4+ phones with rogers.. 
Having as low as a 1gb plan.
And am usually on WIFI while at work and Home.
And at those times, RARELY went over 500mb.  And thats with watching/streaming movies, etc on it.

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

Wow, did you even read what I wrote? Another person who works for Rogers who doesn't have a clue how technology works. OK so I will dumb it down for you. There is a little switch in your phone that when u switch it off, you are only able tobmake phone calls and text messages if there is not wifi connected. Well at least that's what it supposed to happen. When u turn your wifi on and keep that switch off. You should be able to download what u want with your phone and not incur mobile data charge for it. It will only incur charges on the internet package I have that is connected to wifi. From a little box that I have in my house. My internet package is unlimited so I don't worry about it. So for some reason, when I dowload stuff with that switch ( mobile network) off and have just my wifi on, it foes not know the difference. I shouldn't have to pull my sim card out every time I want to download something on my phone. Do u understand now? ...prob not. I will prob get another response with instructions of how to turn my mobile network off
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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

Hi @


While we understand that disagreements can happen, we will ask you to, please, keep it courteous! @Gdkitty dose not work for Rogers but is one of Rogers Community Forums best Resident Experts and at the end of the day, only trying to help out. Healthy debate is encouraged, but we do not like it when it gets personal. You can review our User Guidelines here.


Thank you for understanding!Smiley Wink



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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

A) I dont work for rogers.. make no money, have no affiliation with them.  
I just get the fancy title, because I know A LOT about their products, from a user standpoint, have a technical background, and like to help people.

B) I complete understand how/what you were saying.
If you had fully read the end of my response... that there must be something wrong with your phone (or phones) in which its doing it.
ACCOUNT wise, there is nothing that can be doing it, etc.
Its up to the PHONE itself, to figure out WHAT data its using.. then to filter it to the correct 'connection', be it wifi or cellular.  Once the phone routes it to the specific spot.. then its either charged via A or B.. whatever wifis internet is or cellular.
So it does sound, like its on the PHONE level.



If you want, can go through checking some things, if you are willing to provide information?
Does appear you are on Android.  
Its a ROGERS phone (and your using the STOCK firmware/OS?) 
Or is it unlocked.. and running any form of custom OS (cyenogen, etc).

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

You are right. I'm sorry gdkitty. I shouldn't have reacted that way, but I have a lot on my plate right now, and having to spend more time having to talk to Rogers about this again is frustrating. Especially when I had just spent 10 + min waiting in hold to find out their systems we're down. I normally am not so rude. Your msg was I'm sure not to intend user error, but i took it that way. I'M SURE IT IS A PROBLEM WITH the devices but this was almost 3 years with multiple types of devices and Rogers had still not fixed the problem. I've had similar devices with bell ( HTC, Samsung and iPhone) and never had this issue. Yes it may be device related, but it's obviously some kind of communication problem with the network and device which is what's frustrating. I should not have to limit what I do with my device because of that
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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

@Jenlad18 what kind of phone do you have that you can't reliably turn data off? You seem to be much better versed in cellphone technology than I am and I have no problem keeping data off and using my wifi with my simple LG phone that came in a kids' lunchbox. The only time I turn data on is when I've received a text with a picture attached so I can see the picture. I know there are phones that default to data if the wifi signal is weak, but I believe it's a feature that can be turned off. It's called wifi assist. Google it.

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Re: BEWARE: Rogers' Data Scam

Hm.. thats not a bad thing to just double check.  Thanks for the idea @OLDYELLR.
I know the current iphones have it.. not sure on android though.

That if the wifi is in a LOWER percentage.. it can use some mobile data.
I made sure to turn that OFF on mine.
(even so.. if you have the cellular data OFF period.. shouldnt make a difference.  I did that occasionaly wile traveling by putting it in airplane mode, then turning the wifi only back on).



Only other real thing i could think of.. it a bug in the Android firmware.
That is one thing that is good/bad about android.   Its a flexible OS thats on a TON of more choices of devices.. but, generally (unless you buy an unlocked from the MFG phone), the OS is tied to the CARRIER.  They are the ones who release the OS... 
It COULD be a bug in the Rogers specific Android OS??

One reason that I do like iphone.. at least its the MFG who is control of the updates.. not the carrier.