Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

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Re: Advice Needed for Fraud Case. No Help from Rogers.

Apparently my account has been flagged for a Fraud Alert. I was not given any sort of email notification or call. I had to reach out to Rogers to find this out.


Now that I'm trying to resolve the issue, I can't seem to get a hold of anyone. I have left multiple voicemails at multiple numbers 1-888-383-2080 and have not received a response.


Why on earth was I flagged for fraud and not notified in any of the multiple forms of contact provided? I also see on this forum that people don't have much luck contacting the fraud dept, with voicemails the only contact method.


The general help line is unable to take any action, nor are they able to transfer me directly to anyone I can speak to about resolving the matter.I paid 200$ for the deposit and I got no refund.


How can I best reach someone that can help me please