Rogers RevUp Mobile Wallet Expert Event with Jeppe Dorff (Rogers) and Paul Bradley (Gemalto)

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Community Manager (Retired)
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Rogers RevUp Mobile Wallet Expert Event with Jeppe Dorff (Rogers) and Paul Bradley (Gemalto)

Bring on your toughest technical questions for mobile wallet!


We’re bringing together two mobile payment experts to answer your digital security questions. This techy duo specializes in the field of mobile payment and mobile banking. Jeppe Dorff,  Head of Transaction Services at Rogers, has been working on a solution that will allow you to securely store your credit card, bus pass, loyalty card, and coupons on your smartphone.. And Paul Bradley is Technical Director, Gemalto Mobile Communications North America, where he is helping you get the most out of technology like NFC and LTE by pioneering digital security for some of the world’s largest consumer telecommunications companies.


They’ll be available to answer questions October 18, 2012, 1:00-4:00pm ET right here! This board will remain closed until then.


Enjoy the event!


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