Smart Home Cameras..

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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Good morning @ForrestG45!


Welcome to our Community!


That's definitely cause for some concern. That's a huge feature of our Smart Home Monitoring service.


If you have any technical concerns regarding your Smart Home Monitoring service, I highly recommend that you contact technical support at this number here: 1 855 381-7840


I would love to help you with this and get your camera's functioning again but we're unable to fully support Smart Home Monitoring through the forums.



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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Thanks RogersCorey,

Called the tech support. Was told that this is a known issue for months as many customer having same problems. Something to do with flash player. I was told to access through Chrome incognito mode, same result. Tech Support lady said she will open special case to resolve. Since then nothing but..crickets. no follow up from Rogers Smart Home. It's been 2 days since I called.

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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Hello @ForrestG45,


I appreciate the troubleshooting steps you've already taken. If you have the ticket number please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps so we can look into this for you further.


If you're not familiar with how to PM, please see this post.






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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

 RSHM sercomm icam2 outdoor camera intermittent 24/7 recording disconnections.


Just want to share that after around 2 years of intermittent recording disconnections above, I fixed this issue permanently.

Over the course of that time, there were numerous tech visits. Changed the touchpad's memcard, changed the camera.  I was even told by Cx support that usually when internet fails @ my home, the camera recording would stop and the worse part is it doesn't restart recording automatically.  I was asked to log the time of disconnection and call ignite tech support to verify if during that time internet went down in my area.


It was really frustrating that whenever I want to review a particular recording especially coming back from vacation, I would see a solid black line that it had stopped recording.


So 2 weeks ago, this camera on my porch went offline and I decided to delete and re-pair it again.  The tech just replaced this icam2 last May of this year and I know it's not a hardware issue.  After hours of troubleshooting and not able to pair at as it is not detected by the touchpad,  I was left with the last piece to test......the LAN cable that was ran from porch to 2nd floor room.  I used my ethernet cable tester....lo and behold, in either of the 2 ends, the RJ-45 crimping went loose.  I replaced these 2 RJ-45 connectors on my own and tested it.

Until today, for 22 days straight, this camera hasn't failed on me even the recording.  

Problem solved!  And it feels good having it fixed by myself.  A thorough troubleshooting would really get to the root cause identified.

So I even blame the other issues I have like missing frame recording and recorded videos sometimes are in slow-motion and pixelated.

Just want to share this info for those who might be having the same issue.


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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Hello @ybrik,


I can only imagine how frustrating it must have been having to deal with an intermittent connection to your cameras for the last 2 years. =(


I am glad that you were able to finally find a solution to this problem by replacing the Ethernet cord. Thank you so much for posting this solution, I am certain others in the Community will find it useful.


Have an awesome night!




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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Unreliable connectivity to Smart Home cameras via internet


Why is it so that when I connect from the control panel on a computer browser or an app, the cameras simply don't load?


I mean they load once in a blue moon and then they don't and it's super frustrating!!

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Can you load it regularly/ok from the smartphone app??

Trying to eliminate if its a camera connectivity issue or else wise.

As for loading in the browser.. there is some big issues loading in some of them.
IE seems to be one of the main ones that it only works most all of the time in.

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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Thanks @Gdkitty, but unfortunately neither works.

Smart phone or browsers (I tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari)

Again, all of the above work when ever they feel like it.
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

OK, that to me, says communication issues.
That the camera is not talking properly to be able to stream, etc.

I would give the smarthome tech support a call, and have them book a tech out, to re-do some stuff on it, to help improve the signal.

Ours we have a separate netgear router that communicates with the rest of the devices.  We had some issues initially, and ended up moving its location, to give better wireless to the devices.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Smart Home Cameras..

Gotcha. But it's the same for me. A separate Netgear router that's specifically for SH that's connected by wire to my modem.

Moved it around as well, but no go.
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