Rogers removes GameCentre after Internet upgrade

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Rogers removes GameCentre after Internet upgrade

So get this: my download quota was starting to get hit so I called Rogers to get an upgrade from my Ignite 60 package. They said I could get Ignite 100u with unlimited download for only $10 more a month. So I got it.


Next day I went to watch GameCentre Live and got a response 'Not Authorized' when I tried to log in. Looked at some help info, tried re-linking my account, nothing worked. Went on-line to the support, hit chat, customer rep said my new package doesn't include GameCentre Live. Say what? And you call what you gave me an upgrade? I consider it a downgrade. 


I asked the rep please switch it back. I was supposed to get GameCentre for 2 year duration of my contract. Rep says they can't do that. They can only offer me 30 days free. 


Why do I feel like I just got screwed by Rogers? 



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Re: Rogers removes GameCentre after Internet upgrade

That is very odd. We upgraded to Ignite 100 last fall from the old Express plan and Game Centre Live has been included with the 100 plan for the entire 2016-17 season. 

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Re: Rogers removes GameCentre after Internet upgrade

Hey there @Kpare,


Thank you for your post, we appreciate your contribution.

I'm sorry to hear about how you felt after upgrading your Internet package with us.


Do you have other services with us, beside your Internet subscription?


In the past, Internet customers  would benefit from the NHL GameCentre LIVE service. 

However, at this time Internet packages (outside of select bundles) no longer includes Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE. Our website has been reflecting this change for over a year now. 

Live stream national and out-of-market games come along with a 12-month subscription, included with select bundles.


When were you promised that this subscription would be active on your account for a 2-year time frame?


Unfortunately, the agent you spoke with, would not have had the ability to put you back on a grandfathered plan, after it was changed. Hence why, he offered you a promotional code, valid for a 30-day period.


Looking forward to your reply!



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Re: Rogers removes GameCentre after Internet upgrade

I guess the fact that our Internet 100 plan is bundled with Cable and Home Phone explains why we are getting Game Centre Live, at least for the current season. Hopefully, it will continue for the 2017-18 season. 

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Re: Rogers removes GameCentre after Internet upgrade

This discussion is an interesting one.


First, when discussing changes about a plan, if it is going to result in any changes, they must upfront tell you the impact - this CRTC ruling in December last year, irrespective of what the site says.


Some people don't use the site, so the information must be provided in the mode of communication you choose.  If the offer to change is given over the phone or chat, it must be given there, although they can suggest that you can find the change on their site, they must advise you what that is in the conversation. And you can decline to use the site.


In my recent experiences, they have been very clear about what would change, what I would lose from previous package - you do have 30 days grace from receipt of the written confirmation (note I said written, not emailed - as per CRTC rules),  email is acceptable only if you choose to decline paper notification - it is mandatory, and you must actively deline its receipt for electronic to be accepted.  Just sending it to us is not us actively delining.


Although you may not be able to get the option back, you don't have many options - you can decline the contract change - and negotiate financial compensation, which it appears they offered - if you accept it, the negotiation is complete.


I don't know if many are aware of the CRTC rule, but you can look it up - I am sorry, I don't recall where I read it, and I will be honest, I may have misinterpreted its application to changes in contract, but don't know.


The second, is that the last person I spoke to said that 100 was no long available, just the 75 and 150, and that the 75 is not available to change to as it is in market and not part of my original package.  The 150 is.


So once again, mixed messages.  This gets to be so tiresome.  I know you have lots of staff and rollover of staff, and lots of plan changes and customers, but this is a common theme in my experience.


I was asked a few weeks ago why I have phone in so often - my answer:  it has taken me this amount of time to understand, I have a comprehension and reading disabiloity, which is true (I tell them this upfront and by law they must accommodate me), so I don't use the web site much (too hard for me to comprehend without being guided throug it, which I request, and I hope that with the new emphasis on customer communications and service (didn't Guy say this too), I hope they take this one on.


As for being told that it is on the web site for a long period, that is irrelevant for me who has limited ability to deal with complex sites with lots of links, and fine print, and some choose not to use the web site, so be careful about making those statements - there is an underlying assumption that because it is on the web site, that it is our responsibility to review these - it is not, it is the responsibility of Rogers to communicate clearly via the most appropriate form of communication, and please don't assume we review your web sites.  Not even your own CSR's get this right all the time with all the changes, and you have to get past all the advertising first.


So to the poster, if you haven't accepted it yet, you have the right to escalate to try to get satisfaction.


Best of luck.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers removes GameCentre after Internet upgrade

It wasn't a promise, it was part of my two year contract for my Ignite 60 plan. All I wanted was an upgrade as my quota was 200 gig and last month I paid $76 extra in overage fees. So I called and they sold me the 100u but took away my GameCentre without telling me. 

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Re: Rogers removes GameCentre after Internet upgrade


I am still a little puzzled. First, you still have not mentioned whether or not you are have a bundled service with rogers or only Internet. This makes a difference. Second, it sounds like you just recently switched to the 100u plan (within the last week or so), but the 100u plan no longer exists. Rogers has taken away the 100u plan (unfortunately); you can now get 75u or 150u. How did they manage to switch you to a plan that no longer exists? 


On the other hand, as @BS states, rogers is REQUIRED to inform you of how a change in your service will affect you. Since rogers did not inform you of this, you should have a case if you choose to escalate this beyond a mere tier 1 CSR. I think we all have our own personal story about how rogers has messed us up. Good luck!

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers removes GameCentre after Internet upgrade

Its an intersting topic.. one that i am not sure..

That i remember with the promotions... that it was...
With having plan X.., you got GCL for 2 years.
(so after the 2 years.. it would be chargable addon)


Now.. that i recall.. it was never specifically tied to a CONTRACT per say.  You switch to one of those plans.. you got it.


So.. the qestion then comes down..  is weither its a you get it then regardless for the two years..
or its tied with having then then to have the plan... as has been evident here.

Just saying, its a little different then, per say, some of the other promotions like the Spotify promo with a phone contract.
You sign up on one of the plans.. it gave you a 2 year Spotify premium, when you sign up for a 2 year contract with the specific plans.
Now if you changed the plans.. you are still on the contract.. so more tied with that.

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Rogers removes GameCentre after Internet upgrade

My experience with retentions discussions is that they still have availability to change within the old models that existed under our existing structures, which include Basic tv package and others, as well as 100 - you just have to ask for it, and I learned by just keeping asking questions, and they said, oh yeh, I still can put you on. It only applies to the end of my contract though - not sure what happens to those who have the old plans and no contracts, guess they just continue to see price increases as they come.


Maybe the person they had was someone who also had customer relations privaledges around packages - I have got them some times when I called in - they cover those desks now and then.


So just another confusion of the changing models and us old contract customrs, caught in the middle of the change.


I am surprised that they didn't warn you - and if you were on a bundle is important, but if you had it I would think you got it under your current contract.  Every call I have made in the last month trying to understand my options I have been warned every single time about changes and lost features if changes could be made, what I could and couldn't do at the first level CSR.


I didn't have to ask, except to clarify.



I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers removes GameCentre after Internet upgrade

GameCentre no longer free for Internet only subscribers


I just found out that after years of being an Internet only customer and staying with Rogers solely because they offered NHL GameCentre, that Rogers no longer offers GameCentre to internet only customers.  You have to buy something else (tv, phone).   I'm deeply disappointed in this change in policy and will have to review my options now.

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