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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

Hi there,

I have a question about the home monitoring system as I am looking to see if it is the best solution for my family. 

We have a basement apartment with a tenant.  If I was to install the windows monitoring on the basement door and windows and only have one pad for control how will I disarm the windows for the basement.  If I want the whole house armed excluding the basement is it possible? The tenant may or may not be home at the same time as me, what if they want to leave their window open while I am away from home and I want to arm the system?

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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

The system is primarily disigned, for a SINGLE person dwelling.  (i think MOST are)

ANY ARM/DISARM, will arm/disarm the whole 'system' per say (will get a little bit more into that)... so in the case, that say YOU come home and unarm it.. and they are not home.. their sensors will be unarmed as well.  Same thing, THEY come home and disarm it, it will unarm YOUR sensors.


By default, when you do the ARM AWAY, it will arm ONE door as an delayed enter/exit.. and the others all as a instant alarm.  All other window sensors will be ON, all motion ones will be on, etc.

Now, there is the arm STAY option.. which is normaly set, for when you are say staying home but in the backyard.. you can set some settings on/off by default.   IE: i now have 2 cats.. so i actualy set the arm STAY when i leave the house.. as it will not turn the motion sensors on, like the arm away will.
You would have to call rogers and ask.. but you MIGHT be able to set some defaults, for ARM STAY, to turn of certain window sensors as well for that.

You can always before an arm away, MANUALLY disable certain sensors.. but you have to do it manually EVERY time.


You can get regular keypads, like the garage door opener ones, that will allow for disarming/arming.. so its easy enough for them to say have their own BASIC pad.. but then again you run into the 'what am i arming for what scenario' thing.

Again.. for those types of settings.. not really designed for it Smiley Sad... you really would need a much more HIGHER end one, like is used in office buildings, etc sometimes.. which has multiple ZONES.. so it can be  "arm zone 1, arm zone 2, arm all" etc.

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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - different internet provider

I have sympatico and it works wll
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - different internet provider

I have Sympatico and there are no problems
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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

FYI, I tried to get a cancelation date for my Internet and I was told that because I have home monitor, they will not cancel until I have another Internet provider set up already. I know few alternatives where that is possible. Feeling stuck or misled.
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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

It is due to how the home monitoring communicates. 

Its PRIMARY form of communication, for the apps, sending alarms, etc.. is via the internet.. and as a backup, cellular.



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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

Run into my first real problem sort of so far.

System is still working fine, no complaints there.

I am on the original SMC touchpad.. not the newer technicolor one.
While it works.. i have found it a little slow lately.. and having used the newer one, its MUCH faster.


That the pad is a rental.. it should be able to be exchanged just like a digital box, cable modem, etc...right?

Well yes, technially... problem is there is no way in the system, to set up the apointment for the upgrade.  ONLY way is as a new setup, which would encur FULL setup fees again.


While everything still works.. cant say im overly happy with that.. its more of a billing/system error, rather than anything else.... considering i was told when signing up, that it could be exchanged at a later date. Smiley Sad

(trying to find the best avenues to escalate this).

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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

Just had a disappointing installation visit, where I decided after an hour to back out of our plan to go with Rogers Home Monitoring.  A few of my issues:


1)   Lack of responsiveness from the Rogers sales rep to a question that came up before the install date.

2)   Smoke detectors don't replace existing smoke detectors, but just alert Rogers "if no one is home."   The sales rep never told us this, and took an order for 3 of them.

3)  The color keypad doesn't replace the existing keypad.   Instead, it is additional.   And in our case, our existing keypad was too old, and had to be replaced anyway by another "dumb" keypad.

4)  Cameras are not recommended for outdoor (in our case, front porch) installation.

5)  Cameras must be plugged into the wall!

6)  Although the salesman was delighted that our existing system was functional, the installer discovered that one of our zones was showing "open" so we had a choice between forgoing coverage in our basement, or hiring a 3rd party to do some minor electrical work.


My overall impression was that the design of the system was not very integrated, preventing a professional installation.   Rogers installers are not electricians, so there is no way for them to offer a more seamless installation.


I was very much looking forward to the functions in the system, but with all the surprises with the installation, we've put this off indefinitely, and now will go and look into alternatives.

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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

When it comes to the lives and security of homes and loved ones it is ALWAYS wise to use the services of a RECOGNIZED DEDICATED home security provider with a proven track record.


Using the services of providers with no vested interest in the product leaves us wide open to less than satisfactory results.


Rogers TOS clearly states 'they do not GUARANTEE the reliability or performance of their products'.

Yea I know, this post is total "Hogwash"
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Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

And security system specialists ToS's say the exact same thing.  They will never 100% guarantee anything.


Now i didnt have any existing equipment, so i cant comment on the integration. I dont have a camera.. and held off just for the reason listed above... as its not an outdoor rated one.  They hopefully can get a specific one that CAN be put outside.  But of course they would have to be powered in some means.


Really in the end, it comes down to what you want out of the security system.  For me its not "OMG IM GOING TO GET ROBED I NEED ONE" its piece of mind.


Rogers lines up here are STABLE (seem like im one of the few areas that is Smiley Tongue).  Bell/phone on the other hand.. is another story.  At my previous home for a few short years, had bell POTS with problems, and a security system through ADT there.

I had continual issues with ADT (2 times when it went off, with no one disarming it.. was NOT contacted as we should have been).  Also had wiring issues repeatedly with their install.


But as with anything.. everyone can have that sort of experience with any company.  Due to those issues there, i descided to try the rogers one.

I have had the rogers one, for just over a year, and has worked fine otherwise. Not an issue durring power outages (the dual connection helped).  They have been on the ball with when its gone off (have all been false alarms) and have usually called me BEFORE i could disarm it and call them myselves.

$$ was a thing too.  While monitoring costs are about the same.. none of the others, at least at the time would offer the amount of hardware/setup for free.


It seems like most of DualCitizens issues, stem from a BAD sales rep Smiley Sad (we have heard this story MANY times before).  Alot of those things are simple things that the sales rep SHOULD have known:

- that the touchpad for the rogers one IS the heard of the thing and necessary, usually  only the accessories on the others that can be tied in.

- the more details on how the smoke detctors, etc work.


i am NOT saying that this is the be all end all system, far from it, nor should people not look around and find the best fit for them.  I myself, just find it a decent product.


As i have said before, with your ISP, wireless, and even something like this... every person needs to not just jump in.  Do your research.. ask all the questions.. even multiple times (just to make sure your getting the RIGHT info... i have done this before, called back and asked another sales rep to confirm the info)... find the best solution for you, for where you are, based on what is available, coverage, etc.

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