Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

Maybe they will begin to catch on, maybe not - the comparison of the advantages on Share plans of Roam like home, manage your data, and streaming management of digital video are nice things to have, but let's do an honest comparison here.


Share plans with roam like home features are available from all the major providers and similiar prices and similiar feature sets - some even give you the choice of a limited data amount per day rather than your home data usage so you are free to use data without impacting your home amount - would have to weigh the balance of add-ons verus the other feature sets, but every company has the same thing - maybe one has more than the other for destination, but it certainly is not unique and does make up for the loss of all the added on features that have disappeared like Shomi, Texture, NHL, Spotify, etc.


Now data management that one I will say is better than the others, but all others give you tips on how best to use their data management tools for monitoring, setting tools on the devices to guide user usage, discuss with users repsponsible use, provide access to the monitoring tools, and how to set things like data restriction on how cell data versus WIFI is used for updating apps, and background use, as well as turning data of when not in use and turn it when needed and monitor usage, etc.


The Rogers approach actually takes what I describe as an authoritarian and lack of trust strategy to your shared users.


My approach was also to set boundaries and consequenses.  When it came to money, it was one strick, you are out and we set up a repayment schedule.  Two strikes, and we begin removing the abused services for a short term with controlled useage and supervision to ensure they understand.  My child once slipped over due to a connection with a new friend and went over text - I discussed it with her, understood how it happened, she knew to check her usage, and had slipped from habit, so we discussed a payment schedule ( As I mention below, I monitor useage of myself and others occassionaly, as we are all human, so I cut the payback in half - I forgot to do my part of the job - we both slipped up - I also included some supervision on the use of the tools available - this goes back to days of limited text message packages).


So for those who want to supervise their other users closely, the data management features are good for that group, for those who trust our users and educate them on over use through teaching and consequences, I have no need for them. I don't need controls - I peak at their useage when I check mine and I discuss with them if their habits have changed and are approaching the limits.  I missed the one above so it was as much my responsibility as mentioned before.


As for streaming - the reduced streaming feature acknlowedges that it doesn't control for all applications, so how we do it (we are down to one account with data - a small amount - and we have always tended to watch via WIFI only, not celllular data.  We can wait - so we set most to WIFI only, and things like WIFI we set it to lowest standard as sometimes a YouTube link shows up on a Facebook.


So we use the more reliable built in features to deal with that feature, and it is a feature that is common to ATT in states, and Rogers, but none others I could find, so it appears they are the only company who feel it is a "selling feature". 


So, in my humble opinion, I don't see any advantage to having Rogers, in general over any other company - you are all just cell phone companies with different features and we as a customer must learn which ones we want and what we want to pay - there certainly is very little value added going on with Rogers anymore - getting a costed feature for free as an incentive to join in, or accossaionally in discussion with a rep to reflect your long term loyalty.


I can see why so may people hwo lost these services off their plans when they went Rogers only because of the add-ons, probably hoping that maybe they would continued at some discounted rate over time to make it more marketable. 


But since Rogers is still getting customers, and making profits, I guess their short term decision is that it is not impacting their bottom line and retention, so other than those of us who are unhappy with this continual less service for more money and the ongoing claim that they have to increase our costs in order to support the improvements to the future customer demands and service usage patterns, continual unpredictable software like the Apple watch issue, decisions not to support unbranded unlocked phones on various feature sets, and the ongoing phrases of we change our channel listings to better reflect the viewer patterns - all this looks like improve our bottom line, I see little improve my service.


I never have gone with a share anything plan, so never mattered to me, but I did lose the Shomi, which they replaced with mediocre Super channel mix after lots of complaints from customers, and I believe CRTC complaints too through CCTC, I have lost access to the NHL services in the tv packages, BCB discounts have disappeared to name a few - I can see why some people are moving on - it is those add-ons that made it interesting for some to stay and not look elsewhere - now only question is it eonough to impact the bottom line and increase churn to other companies.



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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

I will look to save the amount of an nhl live subscription by switching my families accounts to another carrier. This was one of the reasons I stayed.
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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

Interesting, I signed up for a package offer from winback dept on 10 Aug 2018 - two year agreement covering Internet / Home Phone and cable - offering also lists Roger Game Center Live. I just confirmed am able to log in just fine. Seems I am covered for 2 years.

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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

Good for you! Perhaps they still include Game Center Live for customers who subscribe to internet, home phone and cable packages. The beef of most posters to this thread is that Rogers stopped including Game Center Live as an add-on to their Share Everything cell phone plans without any notice or decrease in price, similar to what they did with Shomi and Spotify.
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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

I switched to Ignite back in August and asked if I’d be getting everything I previously had. I was assured I would only to find out no longer getting NHL Game Centre. 12 year loyal customer about to switch to bell as soon as contract runs out.

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Re: Roger's no longer including NHL game Center

Switched to Telus and the service (in western Canada) is much better. Here's the lesson for Rogers: I was a customer for 10 years and would never have switched, or even looked at another provider if you hadn't flat out lied. Here's the lesson for the consumer: Telecom companies live by the law of inverse loyalty, the longer you stay the more you're a fool. I'll love my provider for two years and then it's another zero sum game for the best price.