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Re: Home monitoring camera

I had the camera installed about 3 months ago.


Has anyone been able to view live feed from the home security camera online via web browser from a desktop computer or tablet?


I have tried at both home and work with no luck.  Even though my security camera is within 2 feet of my router and hub, I still get the message "The system is unable to establish camera connections.  Please try again in a few minutes.  If the problem persists, ensure the camera is within range of your hub  "


Is it not designed to provide a live feed on a regular web browser?    I have updated java, tried on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, but nothing works.  It only works on my cell phone app. 



Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Home monitoring camera

Yeah.. viewing from the web browser is a pain.

Chrome and FireFox does not work.

If your able to view via the App, the cameras are connected properly.. and its just the browser (chrome for example says it cant connect... but its not necessarily a connection issue.. its more it trying to load the applet.)

IE does work for me.
IE 11 on a windows 10 machine.
Does not work on Edge though.  By default windows 10 defaults to EDGE (the default E logo is edge, and not IE)  But IE 11 is still on the machine.

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Re: Home monitoring camera

Smart Home Web Access in Chrome - Camera doesn't load


Everytime I login into my MyRogers->Smart Home Monitoring->Web Access Control, my camera never loads up. Just a spinning circle in the web page. Running Google Chrome.

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Re: Home monitoring camera

Hello @Mindcore,


I can understand how viewing the cameras via a computer can be more convenient, at times, than using the mobile App.


Have you tried any other browsers other than Google Chrome to see if the same issue is occuring? Please ensure you have the most recent version of Flash Player downloaded on your browser of choice. If you have not already, please try to access your cameras using Incognito Mode in Google Chrome and let us know if you have better results.


We look forward to your response!





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Resident Expert
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Re: Home monitoring camera

For you to have it work in chome, you need to allow that page to run flash (usually an error up in the URL bar)