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Re: Roaming Trouble

Unfortunately, once your device connects to a doing partners tower, that is enough to get you billed for that day. Using the service isn't how things work. You are paying for the service whether or not you use it. All devices have a lot of background...

LordDrakkon by I'm a trusted contributor
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Roaming Trouble

Hi there, Recently I travelled to a different country and had to switch to a different SIM card while I was in the country, I inserted Roger's SIM card into a different phone. Without me knowing, it turns out the phone had its roaming service on, and...

User4231 by I've been around
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Re: Rogers ignite login app loop

Hello @LoginLoop ,   Welcome to the community! I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing  issues when attempting to sign into the Ignite TV app. We certainly want the app to work well for you.   Thanks for sharing all of the troubleshooting ste...

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Parental Controls

We know how important it is to create a safe, viewing experience for your family. To help you manage and access age-appropriate content on Ignite TV, we’ve enhanced our Parental Controls   We highly ...


Rogers Year End Wrap Contest 2023 Winners

  Hey Community,   As we said goodbye to 2023 with an exclusive year-end contest tailored for select customers to express our gratitude for sharing another year with us, it is now time to congratulat...


Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

  Hey Community,   Elevate to epic with Rogers 5G and the new Galaxy S24 series. Secure yours by pre-ordering on rogers.com.    Whether you are a customer who’s looking to upgrade their legacy device...