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Re: Billing concern

Do you think the offer of pre- buying my sim came up in the conversation with my Rep! No. I was switching providers to Red Wireless. In my encounters my sim was activated when I put it in my phone. If you paid for a service and didn’t use it that’s y...

Ark74 by I've been here awhile
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Re: Unable to sign into Rogers apps.

Hi @Gidget1,   Welcome to the Community!   It definitely helps to know all the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far. To ensure this isn't a profile issue, may you please confirm if you're able to log into MyRogers via the browser?  When was the ...

Trade in Apple Watch 7

Trying to trade in my apple watch 7, it is asking for an imei number which I can't find on the watch     ***Edited Labels***

Ssrr5 by I've been around
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Parental Controls

We know how important it is to create a safe, viewing experience for your family. To help you manage and access age-appropriate content on Ignite TV, we’ve enhanced our Parental Controls   We highly ...


Rogers Year End Wrap Contest 2023 Winners

  Hey Community,   As we said goodbye to 2023 with an exclusive year-end contest tailored for select customers to express our gratitude for sharing another year with us, it is now time to congratulat...