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Switching b/w Rogers Cards

I currently hold a Rogers Red Mastercard. I want to know if I can switch to Rogers Red World Elite® Mastercard without an additional credit check done. All my payments are more than TAD and paid on-time. I have heard credit checks done ruin your cred...

Resolved! Re: Ignite TV Channels Missing

Thanks DatainkI have Roger's Ignite Total package and it's up to Rogers to figure this out I pay good money for the package, I'm trying to see if there would be a reason maybe I should ask them to send a tech with a new TV modem  I think it's a locat...

Sjames by I've been here awhile
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Re: Billing concern

You don't need an account to purchase a SIM. Lots of people keep an extra SIM or two around, just in case. I always have a spare when traveling and keep a spare at home, just in case I need to replace it or my device is lost or stolen.I have seen peo...

LordDrakkon by I'm a trusted contributor
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Parental Controls

We know how important it is to create a safe, viewing experience for your family. To help you manage and access age-appropriate content on Ignite TV, we’ve enhanced our Parental Controls   We highly ...


Rogers Year End Wrap Contest 2023 Winners

  Hey Community,   As we said goodbye to 2023 with an exclusive year-end contest tailored for select customers to express our gratitude for sharing another year with us, it is now time to congratulat...