shomi™ now available to all Canadians!

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shomi™ now available to all Canadians!

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Hello Canada!


As promised shomi™ and Rogers have delivered.


Starting right now, Canadians can subscribe to shomi directly through their Internet provider. That means that hit programs such as Empire, Transparent, American Horror Story, Last Man on Earth, Jane the Virgin, Outlander, Sons of Anarchy, Black Sails and iZombie are all instantly available on-demand - and these are shows that you can only stream exclusively on shomi™!


shomi For All Canada2.png



shomi™ is also getting a French-language user interface!


Users can now access and browse content in French (either through or through the app with French as the language preference on the device).

Shows/movies are generally English only unless it’s a foreign film. The library isn’t changing to include French-language content as of yet.

There’s currently no subtitle option in French. Closed captions are available in English only at this time.