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Retired Moderator

Hey Community,


With a potential Canada Post labour disruption coming this summer, your paper bill may not arrive to you on time. For our users who normally mail us their payments, this is a perfect time to stay prepared with alternate payment options.


Are you registered for online billing?


Registering for online billing is a great way to help our planet. Plus it allows you to take advantage of the following convenient features:


  • Ability to download, print and save a PDF version of bills
  • Access up to 18 months of bill history
  • Ability to see full usage details, including a breakdown of charges
  • Ability to download bill details to a spreadsheet to further analyze usage
  • Ability to manage your account and make online payments
  • Monthly email from Rogers when the online bill is ready to let you know your balance, and we even include a link to view your bill


Here is how to subscribe to Online Billing: 


  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Ensure your Rogers account is linked to your profile.

On the ACCOUNT OVERVIEW, you'll see the accounts already associated to your profile.evp2.png



If your account is linked:

    1. Click PROFILE, then click Edit under the heading Account.





2. Select Online as the billing type and click SAVE CHANGES.