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Retired Moderator RogersRoland

Hey Community,


Have you heard?


Ignite TV users can now order PPV events off their remote!  Users can pause, rewind, fast forward and restart PPV programs as they air. Ignite TV customers will have access to instant Video On Demand (iVOD). Depending on content rights, customers may have access to their purchased programs for up to 30 days after the program airs. 


Here’s some additional tips you need to know about PPV on Ignite TV:

  • All orders and cancellation of PPV programs can only be done via the TV remote. 
  • You can only cancel your PPV purchase before the program starts airing. Once the program starts airing, you will be billed for the program whether or not you tune to it.
  • Users can search for PPV programs by first pressing Guide, then entering channel 4-9-9.  


To learn more about Ignite TV, don't forget to check out the discussion here in the Community!


Hey Community,


We noticed a lot of users still had unanswered questions surrounding the Apple Watch and its activation. We understand that for some of you the process has not been as smooth as we expected. We appreciate everyone taking the time to share their experience with us.


You got questions; we got answers! We put together this Blog, to help address most of your inquiries:


What is required to set up a smartwatch plan for the Apple Watch on the Rogers LTE Network? 

How do I add an Apple Watch to my mobile plan? 

How do I manually pair my Apple Watch to my iPhone?

  1. Press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch until the Apple logo shows up.
  2. Tap the Watch app icon on your iPhone.
  3. Tap Start Pairing on the iPhone. Your Apple Watch should show an animation when you do this.
  4. Tap Pair Apple Watch Manually on your iPhone.
  5. Tap the Info icon on your Watch.
  6. Your Watch will display a five-digit code. Verify or enter that code on your iPhone.
  7. Your iPhone will then display a six-digit code. Verify or enter that code on your Watch.
  8. Tap Set Up Apple Watch once you have confirmed that manual pairing has been successful, and then follow the remaining instructions on your screen as usual.


Do you perform a credit check when I activate an Apple Watch? 

  • Yes, we do. Any new additional lines to your account we perform a credit check. In order to activate an Apple Watch you must be able to take on additional lines.

Do I get a new mobile number for my Apple watch with a smartwatch plan?

  • With smartwatch plans, your existing iPhone number is extended to your Apple Watch so you can receive calls and text messages the same way you do on your iPhone. As part of the activation process, you will receive a 10-digit smartwatch number for your Apple Watch. You can find this number on your bill and on your Wireless Service Agreement. It will be used only for billing purposes, and associated data usage for your watch will appear on your bill under this number.

Can I connect my Apple Watch GPS + Cellular to the Rogers network with a non-Rogers iPhone?

  • No, both devices must be activated on the Rogers network.

How many smartwatches can I use with my smartphone?

  • You can share your Rogers smartphone number with one Apple Watch at a time.

I have upgraded my Apple Watch. How can I move my smartwatch plan from my existing Apple Watch to the new one?

  1. Unlink your existing Apple Watch by following these instructions
    2. Pair your iPhone to your new Apple Watch using Bluetooth.
    3. Link your existing smartwatch plan to your new Apple Watch by following these instructions.

What does the “Remove Rogers Plan” button inside the Watch app do?

  • This erases the information stored on your eSIM card and removes the Rogers network settings from your Apple Watch. However, this does not unlink the smartwatch plan with your iPhone. It also does not make any changes to your smartwatch plan so you will continue to be billed. If you would like to cancel your smartwatch plan, please contact us at

How do I update my emergency 911 address for my Apple Watch?

  • To update your emergency 9-1-1 address for your Apple Watch, follow the set-up instructions listed here.

Don’t forget that for the time being, when entering your emergency address, you need to enter you street NUMBER and street NAME in separate fields.

  • If you enter it all on the first line, the continue button will not be active (it will remain greyed out) and you will be unable to proceed with onboarding.


If you have any other questions, please post them to the appropriate thread.


Hey Community, 


Apple announced the launch of 3 new iPhones and a new Apple Watch! As the first carrier to bring the iPhone revolution to Canada, we're excited to announce Rogers will be carrying these devices once again, as well as the all new Apple Watch.


They released details of their new iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR and a new Apple Watch Series 4.


Apple confirmed the release of the following devices:


Pre-order / Reservation Date

Launch Date

iPhone Xs

September 14, 2018 6:00 a.m. ET

September 21, 2018

iPhone Xs Max

September 14, 2018 6:00 a.m. ET

September 21, 2018

iPhone XR

October 19, 2018

October 26, 2018

Apple Watch Series 4

September 14, 2018

September 21, 2018


New iOS: iOS 12 officially launches September 17, 2018

  • Remember to back up your information before updating to iOS 12.
  • Customers with an iPhone 5s and newer can upgrade to iOS 12.
  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and older will not be compatible.

 compare iphone.png

To get all the iPhone news going forward, make sure to bookmark or sign up here to get the latest updates!


Great news! Apple Watch support is upon us!

As you may have heard yesterday, our Apple Watch plans are available to customers starting September 17, 2018!

This means any customer who currently owns an Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) is able to activate an additional line on their Share Everything plan or add it on a non-shared plan!


Keep in mind that you must be on iOS 12 and watchOS 5 to activate your Apple Watch.


For more information, visit!


In the meantime, if you’re interested in the new iPhones, make sure that are on an eligible Share Everything or Share Everything for Business plan. This way you can get a new phone at the lowest possible price at launch. 


As usual, Meowmix started the new iPhone thread and has been diligently keeping up with it!

Retired Moderator RogersRoland

Hey Community,


With a potential Canada Post labour disruption coming this fall, your paper bill may not arrive to you on time. For our users who normally mail us their payments, this is a perfect time to stay prepared with alternate payment options.


Are you registered to online billing?


The online bill has many convenient features:

  • Receive an email notification as soon as your monthly bill is available online.
  • Save or print a PDF version of your bill that includes all your billing details.
  • View up to 18 months of bill history and 12 months of payment history.
  • See your current account balance.
  • Review a summary of all your extra charges, usage and credits.
  • Download your bill details to a spreadsheet to further analyze your usage.
  • Reduce clutter and paper waste.

You can access your bills through your MyRogers account online or the MyRogers app.

Don't have the app? Get it from your device's app store:

Google Play
Apple App Store

Retired Moderator RogersRoland

Hey Community,


Are you ready?!