Your new bill is now ready!

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Your new bill is now ready!

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Hi everyone,


As part of our ongoing effort to serve you better. We’ve made changes to your bill to make it easier for you to understand your charges; all while tailoring your bill to better suit your needs. It’s now less complicated and easier to read your bill. You’ll spend less time trying to get your bill explained and more time enjoying your Rogers services, we think it’s a better way to spend your time 🙂


If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry! We plan on introducing the new bill design to all our customers over the next few months. We’re gradually phasing it in so that we can address any feedback or questions as they come in.


Here's a look at some of the key changes:


Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 7.54.43 PM.png


Usage Details Easier To Understand


If you’re an online bill customer, our easy to read graphs will easily illustrate for you how much data and talk you’re using in your plan. Also, if you share your account with other users, you can easily see how much data and talk everyone is using so that you can best manage your account and ensure you’re on the plan that’s right for you.



Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 7.55.54 PM.png


Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 7.56.27 PM.png


Notification of Changes


We added noticeable, colorful icons to help you identify any changes to your services. Can’t remember when you added The Movie Network (TMN), or must have features like name display. 🙂 We’ve now made it easy for you to see exactly what was changed and when.


See How Much You’ve Saved!


With the new bill, you can easily see how much you owe, how much you saved and the breakdown of your charges by product.


Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 7.57.20 PM.png



Mid billing Cycle Changes


If you changed your services mid-way through your billing cycle, we also indicate what changed on your account, and illustrate any change in charges. We are making it easy see how your charges are calculated.


Need Help Managing Your Data


Usage Now see three months’ worth of data usage in one clear chart. We’ll help you spot the trends so can better manage your data.


Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 7.56.27 PM.png







These changes are part of our ongoing effort to improve the customer experience. Less time reading a bill, means more time to do the fun stuff!


We created an interactive tour of the new bill which will explain all the new functionalities of your bill and what all the images mean. You can view those and find out more at

I'm a Frequent Visitor

Would be nice to actually receive the online bill.. 6 business days since my billing cycle ended (1st of each month), still no "NEW" bill.


Good evening @user123,


Thank you for your post Smiley Happy


This delay is indeed unsusual, but situations like this can happen from time to time depending on the circumstances.


Please note that the required payment date always goes according to the actual date on which the invoice comes out.


Did you receive the email notification indicating you that your bill was generated and available on our website?



I Like it Here

Since I received the email notifying me of my new Rogers bill ( couple of days ago ), I am trying to print my new invoice and constantly getting the message: error or not able to show. Please help!


Good afternoon @perica50,


Thank you for your post!


Have you taken a look at this thread?


Let us know if you have more questions Smiley Wink



I'm Here A Lot

All I want to do is print the bill. Told there is a location at top of first page where one can SAVE/PRINT bill.

Can't find the message. Been going through this new bill for 45 minutes and so far not impressed.....All I want to do is PRINT bill...Thanks

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Hi @dugger36


Sorry to hear about your frustrations with trying to print your bill.


Have you taken a look at the below thread?


Let us know if you need further assistance! Smiley Happy



I'm Here A Lot

Well, I am back. Still unable to print the bill. Just got off  "live chat" for second time in a week. First occasion was told that the problem would be turned over to the I.T. department and to check back within a week to see if problem resolved. Of course, it has not been. And why I had to check back when they could notify me of progress through email.....Asking too much for THAT to happen.


Anyway, my current "live chat" adventure consisted of a repeat of FIRST live chat adventure which resolved nothing. Well, I spent 41 minutes on the phone which was 10 minutes less then last time. That was an improvement. Then again, I shouldn't say there wasn't a glimmer of hope. I'm having the bill mailed to me. Supposedly free of charge. Oh joy. Meanwhile, the problem is being turned over to the I.T department. AGAIN..

Oh, and I was told to check back...On "live chat".... to see if "problem" resolved. I have to call them. What a way to conduct business.....Let me see.....No ability to print bill......No resolution......I have to keep track of problem.....AND I have to wait for Rogers to mail me a bill, hopefully before due date.


Bell is looking better all the time.


Hello @dugger36,


Sorry for all the troubles, it's really not convenient that you are not able to print the bill. We are definitely working to resolve all the issues with the new bill format.


Which browser are you using to view/print the bill? Are you are able to see "Save/Print this bill"? 


If you are not able to see "Save/Print this bill", would you please try reducing the Zoom of the page to 75% and see if it helps.


If you are able to see "Save/Print this bill", would you please try saving the PDF and printing it? 


Thank you for your patience!





I'm New Here
This new system is awful !!!!! Been with rogers since they took over cantel witch was in 1995 ( in ontario ) i was a customer of cantel since the early 90's and still have same phone # since then. So you can pretty much say that i've seen all the changes and this change by far is the worse. My bill is do on the 08th of every month here it is the 07 th and i still have not received my bill via email ( witch is normal every month ) but now i cant even view my bill. Well i can guarantee what their answer is going to be , were so sorry sir we appreciate your business and thanks for being a loyal customer ( yeh right ! ) sure they do if they really appreciated my loyalty than maybe they would give me a free month a year or something. Anyhow the answer to my problem is to go back to old school ways and request that i get a bill mailed to my house every month and never mind paperless.
Retired Moderator

Hi @Serviceperson


I am very sorry you feel this waySmiley Sad Please let us know if you need help changing your billing options.



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