What you need to know about Monthly Data Add-ons

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What you need to know about Monthly Data Add-ons

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Monthly Data Add-ons offers you the convenience of getting more data without having to change your plan. Data add-ons can be purchased anytime from your mobile device. The Add-ons will be charged on your plan during your current billing cycle, and it will appear on your bill every month until you cancel it. Just text DATA to 222, choose the data option that’s right for you, and you’re set!

Read below to learn more about Monthly Data Add-ons:

Why should I purchase more data with a Monthly Data Add-on instead of paying for overage?

A Monthly Data Add-on can help you stay in control of your data and prevent data overage charges. By purchasing an add-on, you can add more data for a set price, so you limit standard overage rates.

What plans are eligible for a Monthly Data Add-on?

A Monthly Data Add-on is available on Consumer Share Everything and non-share price plans.


If you want data that never stops with no overage charges on your bill, get Rogers Infinite - unlimited data plans for infinite possibilities.

How do I cancel my Monthly Data Add-on?

You can cancel your Monthly Data Add-on at any time by texting the word CANCEL to 222 or by calling us at 1-877-559-5202.

To learn more visit, https://www.rogers.com/customer/support/article/wireless-data-add-ons


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