Welcoming our NEWEST Resident Expert!

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Welcoming our NEWEST Resident Expert!

Community Manager
Posts: 3,365

Hey Community!


The Moderation Team would like to formally announce our newest Resident Expert @-G- RELogo.PNG


@-G- joined the Rogers Community Forums just over a year ago and right away demonstrated their wealth of knowledge and willingness to help. @-G- quickly and consistently ranked up and up on leader-boards week over week and month over month.


Please welcome @-G- as the Rogers Community Forums newest Resident Expert!


As always, don't forget the important and invaluable efforts our entire Resident Expert roster provides.








Welcome @-G- , great to have you on board, you've been so much help for our users! 

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Thank you so much!  I'm truly honoured to be a member of this amazing team!

Resident Expert

You know, last one in buys the round 🙂


Welcome @-G-, We're super happy to have you on board! 😃  

Resident Expert

Welcome to the team @-G-