We’ll Once Again be Offering NFL Sunday Ticket

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We’ll Once Again be Offering NFL Sunday Ticket

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Hey Community,


Mid last year, we announced that DAZN would have exclusive rights for 2017/2018 NFL Sunday Ticket.


Good news! For the 2018 season, DAZN decided to partner with cable companies to give fans other options to watch the games. Starting September 1, 2018, you can start ordering NFL Sunday Ticket from us. 


It will only be available as a standalone package for $199.99 for the entire season. You can order the package at anytime during the season for the full price of $199.99.  Access to DAZN online is not included at this time. 


This year’s season starts September 9. NFL Sunday Ticket will be available for ordering on both Digital TV and Ignite TV platforms. We’ll have more information for you as we get closer to the start of the season. 


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I'm New Here

Any update on the 2019 season?


Hey there @Steelers77!


It's always exciting when the NFL season rolls around!! 😆😀


Currently, we have not received any details on the availability of the 2019 NFL Sunday Ticket, but we'll be sure to provide the Community with any new updates that are received!


Please stay tuned!

Rogers Laura

I'm New Here

Will you be offering this again for the 2019-2020 season?


Hello, @Koop 


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


With the NFL season starting soon I totally understand the desire to know what is the best platform to use to watch your favourite teams battle it out on the Gridiron.


As per @RogersLaura's post right above yours. We have not received any details on the availability of the 2019 NFL Sunday Ticket. We will keep the Community posted once we have an update.



I've Been Visiting

What's taking so long for an update?  My co-workers who are with Bell ExpressVu told me that they've already signed up and paid for their 2019 NFL Sunday Ticket package months ago.  C'mon Rogers...Let's GO!!!!!!   


Good afternoon @VM4,


The new NFL season starts on September 5, 2019. Good news! Rogers will be offering NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2019 season!


Effective August 15 Digital TV customers can start ordering NFL Sunday Ticket. For Ignite TV customers ordering starts on August 23. The cost for the subscription is a one-time fee of $199.99. 


NFL Sunday Ticket gives you:

  • All Sunday afternoon games (1:00 PM or 4:00 PM) that are not available on CTV, TSN or US Networks.
  • 10 channels dedicated for Sunday afternoon NFL games; games airing on CTV or TSN are included on NFL Sunday Ticket channels making channel surfing easy!
  • Approximately 5-7 more regular season games every Sunday afternoon not available on CTV or TSN.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • For Digital TV Customers: NFL Sunday Ticket games will be on channels 377 to 386 in Ontario and 376 to 385 in New Brunswick and Newfoundland.
  • For Ignite TV Customers: NFL Sunday Ticket games will be on channels 472 to 481 in the Ignite TV footprint.

For more information, visit this page.



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