Voicemail Storage Limits For Rogers Home Phone Have Changed

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Voicemail Storage Limits For Rogers Home Phone Have Changed

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Hey Community and Rogers Home Phone subscribers,


This message is a reminder about your voicemail storage limits that changed on August 15th 2015 (Bill Message Present June to July 2015).


All new and existing voicemail messages are stored for a period of 45 days.  Any voicemail message older than 45 days will be automatically deleted.


If you wish to save a message for longer, visit your voicemail account at rogers.com/onlinevoicemail, download each message you want to keep and select SAVE.






If you want to have your home phone voicemail messages permanently saved as an audio file on your computer follow these steps.



  1. Go to rogers.com/onlinevoicemail
  2. Enter your home telephone phone number and voicemail password
  3. Click Sign In
  4. Select the message you want to save by clicking on the phone number under From
  5. Click on the Save button to download the message to your computer
  6. Select Save when the pop up screen opens
  7. Select where on your computer you want the file to be saved and click Save
    • Note: You can rename the file before saving it and it can also be saved to a CD or an external hard drive.
  8. While in the same window, if you wish to forward your message as an email, click Forward as an e-mail, type in an email address, subject if desired, and click Send



If you require assistance please feel free to post your question to the Community or see this LINK for further instructions.


Thank you,



Rogers Employee

I love the Digital world. How we can actually save VMs now - Before it was not possible. ^__^

Thank you for the share @RogersDarrell


The Update definitely effects folks who like to keep sensitive Voicemail with them for a long time (beyond 45 days). Saving it to a Local Hard Drive is a much better option anyway. (and perhaps a back up on Cloud Storage as good practice)

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@ShakTiburon, I definitely agree! This is great especially if you want to keep important voicemails stored on your computer.   

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Is Rogers aware that you can no longer access online voicemail through Chrome or Firefox? I have always used this link to access our online voicemail account. If I try to use it now, I get the following messages: SSL server probably obsolete when using Chrome and Secure Connection Failed when using Firefox. The link does still work when using IE11. 


It has been pointed out in another thread that the reason for this error is that Sites using TLS V1 protocol not accessible upon upgrading Chrome to V45. More info is available here. So it would seem that Rogers needs to change their standards to get their servers compatable to the new browser standards. The alternative of course would be to rescind the policy of deleting all voicemails that have been stored beyond 45 days until this issue is dealt with. 


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So is anybody from Rogers ever going to comment again on this blog? First you tell us that "All new and existing voicemail messages are stored for a period of 45 days.  Any voicemail message older than 45 days will be automatically deleted." Then you tell us that "If you wish to save a message for longer, visit your voicemail account at rogers.com/onlinevoicemail, download each message you want to keep and select SAVE." The problem is that the link you provided us with no longer works - at least with Chrome or Firefox. This is the message I get with Chrome: "SSL server probably obsolete." "Unable to connect securely to the server. This website may have worked previously, but there is a problem with the server. Connecting to such sites weakens security for all users and thus has been disabled." It is obvious to me that Rogers has not updated their security. On top of that, logging in to IE11 also produces the result that you cannot even listen to a message using the link provided as IE11 uses the Quick Time plug-in which no longer works using a Web Browser. So Rogers, what are you going to do about this? Based upon your past history, will it takes 6 months to fix? Or will you rescind the policy that voicemail messages can only be stored for 45 days? An answer would be nice!


Retired Moderator

Hello @JohhnyRockets,


Currently there is a known issue with some customers accessing rogers.com/onlinevoicemail with Firefox/Chrome.  Please use I.E or Safari if you are having issues. The appropriate teams are aware of this and working on a fix to resolve this issue. If any further information becomes available, we will provide an update. 


Thanks for your patience,



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It is still not working! How long for a fix or to revise your voicemail policy?

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Hi @JohhnyRockets,


The most recent communication we received last week was that a fix is planned in the coming months. I don't have any further details. Will keep an eye out for any further communication. 




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Months? Please! You announce a new voicemail policy, yet we cannot log into our voicemail account to save our voicemails and then you tell us this may take months! So one last question - will you rescind your new voicemail policy? 

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Any updates on this issue? If I try to access my voicemail through Chrome, I still get the following message: Unable to connect securely to the server. This website may have worked previously, but there is a problem with the server. Connecting to such sites weakens security for all users and thus has been disabled.


On Firefox, I get the following: 

An error occurred during a connection to onlinevoicemail.rogers.com. Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). (Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.


While you can log in using IE11, you cannot listen to any voicemail messages. The same issues reported here are still being experienced when using Internet Explorer.


The only conclusion I can draw is that online voicemail through Rogers has become totally useless. 


Please fix it!

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 @JohhnyRockets  Your concern is more than valid, but as we see, answers are often vague (they are with the team, it is coming soon, it is some months out, etc.) 


When one considers that this issue was first posted to this forum (at least the earliest I found) way back in mid May of this year when it quit accessing the site on Firefox.


The question was marked as resolved with the recommendation that it works on IE and Chrome.


Since then, we have learned that it doesn't work Chrome, and only worked on IE 11, which let's be honest here - IE represents around 7% use around the world.


So, to hear that it will come in the coming months (whatever that means?) at the end of September is really not acceptable on a known issue since May.  It is now the middle of November.  


Just my ongoing concern with Rogers at the moment - programming and staying current with their apps is not a priority and that they will leave us the users inconvienced for up to months on end in some cases.  Most of these apps are marketed as bringing us additional value to our services, such as One Number, Online Voicemail, poorly implemented MyRogers in the first implementation which did not run well on Firefox and Chrome (had to be set at non-default setting of 75% view) are a few examples.  Further, some apps are not running on current versions of Android based upon reports on this forum. 


So we wait, and we wait, and we wait ...




Rogers Employee

To be fair, the mods can only report on information being given to them about the issue. So whoever is actually working on the issue told them the fix will be in the coming months. Not a good answer obviously but that's the answer they are being given. I'd say in the meantime just use Internet Explorer, and if you're not able to listen to the voicemail, just go ahead and save them and listen to them later. Not ideal, but nothing in life really is.

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I don't hold the mods responsible for any of this.  I am fully aware, they like the CSR's, the managers, the office of the president, and the technical support staff have very little information on the status of these outstanding issues, and I guess "coming in the coming months", is definitely better than nothing.


But for the goal of high quality customer issue, there seems to be a larger systemic issue that Rogers has when it comes to the whole issue of staying on top of current programming standards and committing resources to move on issues in a timely period.


One of my challenges is that I have high standards of suppliers of technology solutions - why - because I came from a health care setting where life and health were at risk if we didn't stay on top of the technology - it was my responsibility to always be aware of changing issues, and contracting with suppliers to provide timely solutions.  I am sure that there is a similiar department and people who have the same responsibility at Rogers - but like I said, my standard is high - whether I can get to Myaccount, my voicemail, rogers one number, etc is definitely not life and death, but does impact my satisfication and ultimately whether I will recommend your company to others, or stay myself.  


When our contracts are up, we will be rethinking our whole service model as to providers, costs, what we consume, what we need etc.  It is interesting, getting frustrated with all my services has led me to think, "do I really need all this stuff anyway" which is a good thing to do once and a while as a consumer anyway.


Thanks for your input. As I said, no insult or issue with mods, it is the company at large, and this is one of the forums and resources where I can express my concerns, which as long as I am a customer, and am paying for services that are not functioning well, I will continue to communicate them.


Thanks to al the mods and experts on the board for doing as best as you can with the information at hand.



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You are 110% correct. It would not bother me so much that Rogers has put restrictions on how long we can save our voicemail if we could actually log-in and save our voicemail. The fact that we can no longer do this is infuriating. Either Rogers needs to fix the issue or rescind the policy restricting how long we can save our voicemails until the log-in issues have been corrected. To tell us that a fix is will be available in the coming months does not really tell us anything!