Update on Adding Automatic Band Steering to Select Modems

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Update on Adding Automatic Band Steering to Select Modems

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Hi Community!


As you may recall, we recently announced We're Adding Automatic Band Steering to Select Modems for Easy WiFi Optimization to optimize and simplify home WiFi performance. Great news, as of July 25th, the Band steering firmware roll out to Hitron AC family modems is complete. This firmware update will be the first that enables Band Steering by default as part of our easy connect on-boarding flow for our Hitron “AC” modems.


Band Steering will allow you to create a single home Wi-Fi network that automatically places your devices on the best available band. As some of you already know the Rogers Ignite Modem (Arris/Technicolour XB6) already supports this amazing feature which helps to ensure you get a more consistent and stable Wi-Fi experience!


Both CODA and AC family of modems support Band steering today, but the firmware Version will bring “automatic” band steering to only the Hitron “AC” models. 


NOTE: For CODA modems, Band steering can be enabled either through modem settings ( or MyWiFi app.


When is Band Steering turned on?

For updated modems, band steering will be enabled as part of the Easy Connect flow during initial setup or when the modem is factory reset. This means that you will not see a “WiFiName” & “WiFiName-5G” network when Easy Connect is finished; just a single network with the name and password they provided.


Check out  Turn on band steering with the Hitron CGN AC Family WiFi Modems  and Turn on band steering with the Hitron CODA-4582 modem for step by step instructions. 


To learn more about Understanding Dual-Band and Band Steering, check out the helpful video below: