Upcoming Test of the Alert Ready Alerting System

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Upcoming Test of the Alert Ready Alerting System

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Hey Community,


Wireless service providers like Rogers will be conducting a public alerting test on May 8. The test will occur across most provinces and territories and will be staggered throughout the day. All compatible mobile devices connected to an LTE network in the targeted provinces and territories will receive the test alert. 


Rogers will distribute emergency alerts we get from alerting authorities directly to compatible wireless devices connected to LTE networks. So, for example, if there's a life-threatening event (e.g., weather, fire, emergency situation), customers in the affected area would get an alert from Alert Ready. 


For the test on May 8, the alert message will not require you to take any further steps. Make sure to let friends and family who might not know about the test that it will be happening.


These public alerting tests are an opportunity for Canadians to become familiar with how public alert messages will be delivered to their mobile devices, including the tone and vibration cadence that will distinguish them from regular text messages. 


There are many factors that will determine whether you will receive emergency alerts on your compatible device, including being connected to an LTE network and running the latest software. Visit the Alert Ready article to learn more or visit www.alertready.ca/.  ​​

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It's important to note that, due to the current states of emergency in Ontario and Quebec due to recent flooding, residents ofothese provinces will NOT receive any test alert on May 8th.