Understanding Local Calling Areas & Long Distance

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Understanding Local Calling Areas & Long Distance

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We know how important it is to stay connected to your loved ones, especially during these difficult times. Understanding the difference between local and long distance calls can help you stay connected to your loved ones across Canada and overseas. 


What’s the difference between a local call and a long distance call? 


Long distance calls made from a wireless line or a landline will be charged at different rates. Landline charges for outgoing long-distance charges vary depending on where you are calling. All calls that you receive on your wireless device while you are physically within your local calling area are considered local. Calls that you receive while physically outside of that area are considered long distance. 


You’ll incur long distance charges based on these two factors:  


  1. Your local calling area, which is the area or geographic boundary associated with your wireless number. Your plan will define this for you as Local or Canada Wide minutes.  
  2. Your physical location at the time you receive the call.  


Find out what’s included in your plan 


  1. Sign in to MyRogers. 
  2. Scroll down to the wireless number that you’re inquiring about. 
  3. Select Monthly charges. 
  4. If long distance is included in your plan, it will show up in your plan details and add-ons section. 

For more information on long distance add-ons, visit: https://www.rogers.com/consumer/wireless/long-distance 


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this doesn't answer the question - what are local calls and what are long distance - from a Rogers ignite landline?

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In plain layman's terms, You live in Toronto, so calling another Toronto number is a LOCAL CALL.

from Toronto there are other cities which are local call too like Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond hill, Pickering those are all LOCAL calls,   


Your in Toronto, you want to call HAMILTON, you have to put 1 IN front of the number, this kind of call will be LONG DISTANCE call,,  Hamilton is beyond the local area, so its long distance.  This should be very simple to understand