The New Rogers Anyplace TV Has Arrived!

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The New Rogers Anyplace TV Has Arrived!

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Hey Community,


We are finally introducing the new and improved Rogers Anyplace TVTM app and website!


With Rogers Anyplace TVTM, you can access sports, movies and more live or included on-demand content whether it’s on an Android, iOS, and web browser platform. 


We’ve updated the Anyplace TV app and website to give you a better viewing experience.

We heard your feedback and launched changes on October 10, 2017. Check out what’s new, what’s improved and what you may need to know about this exciting update:


What’s new:


  • Seamless transitions: You can shift your on-demand session from one device to another. You can pause the content on a device in particular, and then, easily continue it on a different smartphone, tablet, or computer. There’s no need to start over from the beginning!
  • Easy to remember: the website address is now Make sure you update your website bookmarks!


What’s improved:


  • More content available for live streaming: we have over 100 live channels like City, CTV, Sportsnet, TSN, Treehouse, and W Network.
    • Remember: access to channels and content will vary based on your TV subscription. Some content may not be available when you aren’t at home. Available content may also vary from mobile, to digital box, to website.
  • Fresh look and feel: we’ve given Anyplace TV a face-lift! The screens are clean and easy to navigate. They’ve been re-designed to look like the screens you are already familiar with, on your digital set-top box, and now include features like poster art: 



  • You will experience that same fresh look and feel whether you’re accessing the platform on Android, iOS, directly on the website, and regardless if you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


What’ cooking?:


  • Phased roll-out of apps: Both Android and iOS Rogers Anyplace TV apps will be rolling out in phases from October 10-17 so not all customers may be able to update their apps right away. 
  • Supported web browsers: is currently available on Google Chrome. The ability to watch content using other browsers like Safari is coming soon.
  • French user interface: the app and website are currently available in English only. We’ve temporarily removed the French version while we make some changes to make it even better! We appreciate your patience. It will be back soon
  • Remote PVR functionality: We’ve temporarily removed this feature while we make some changes to give you an even better experience. But don’t worry, we’re planning to add this feature back onto the Anyplace TV website soon! In the meantime, you can use the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app (in Ontario) or the Remote PVR Manager app (in Atlantic regions) to manage your PVR from your smartphone or tablet.    
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Please read the posts above. Rogers Anyplace does not work as advertisedApparently, Google Chrome means Google Chrome on Windows. Web site does not work on Chrome running in Chrome OS or Linux. Receive following message - Browser Unsupported. Sorry this browser is not supported. This is Chrome running in Chrome OS version 66.0.3359.181

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I hate the changes and lack of pvr controls from my tablet.  Why would any company think this new rollout is a better experience for their customers??????  I am sick of Rogers and am switching to Bell Fibe.  At least they have a product that works!!!!!

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They think it because every announcement they announce is an improvement. The first iteration of Navigator was described as exciting improvements. Not. It was a disaster and there was no going back even though they killed the rollout after a week the poor souls like me and others were stuck with it. We were told about learning curves and difficulty to take on change and never admitted that there was no way they did testing with customers before rollout nor could they have tested next box 2 pvrs that had large numbers of people with wiped recordings. And when they change line ups and take things away or raise prices they are improving the experience. All marketing words. But in defense though I will say there are some improvements to Anyplace TV from the past versions. You can freeze and pick up on another device or return at a later time. You can see featured shows and movies. The search is improved as best I can tell and the guide duplicates the look and feel of the setbox guide. The PVR controls are not present due to Comcast Tivo licences disputes. The absence of casting and alternative devices is due to no licensing in place and the issue of absence of stations outside of the home is licensing and SD comes down to licensing and whether they want to pay for it or should I say will we pay for it? This is true for all companies. Now the removal of the home app the legal dispute allowed them to keep using it but they decided to stop supporting it as they claim it is not in heavy demand and their focus is on Ignite Iptv under the Comcast platform. The absence of ability to run on Firefox is their decision and they often don't fully support popular platforms and are not consistent to the point where the general experience is install all major browsers. So pros and cons. This rollout has been far better than past ones but each of us ways these benefits or loss of features and decides what to do. Unlike over 10 years ago there are now alternatives. I support your right to express your displeasure and to choose to move on. At this time I would consider moving but my current plan set up meets my needs and I can afford it but I have all options well thought out and price is my major decider and at this time it meets my needs. Enjoy your experience as best you can where ever you go and continue to express your desires in service Bruce
I Like it Here

Trying to get it to work on Ubuntu using the Chromium browser - finally got it - thanks to using a user agent change suggested by dlauder77 in his update to the "Anyplace TV does not work for Chrome on Linux desktop" posting.