The New Rogers Anyplace TV Has Arrived!

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The New Rogers Anyplace TV Has Arrived!

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Hey Community,


We are finally introducing the new and improved Rogers Anyplace TVTM app and website!


With Rogers Anyplace TVTM, you can access sports, movies and more live or included on-demand content whether it’s on an Android, iOS, and web browser platform. 


We’ve updated the Anyplace TV app and website to give you a better viewing experience.

We heard your feedback and launched changes on October 10, 2017. Check out what’s new, what’s improved and what you may need to know about this exciting update:


What’s new:


  • Seamless transitions: You can shift your on-demand session from one device to another. You can pause the content on a device in particular, and then, easily continue it on a different smartphone, tablet, or computer. There’s no need to start over from the beginning!
  • Easy to remember: the website address is now Make sure you update your website bookmarks!


What’s improved:


  • More content available for live streaming: we have over 100 live channels like City, CTV, Sportsnet, TSN, Treehouse, and W Network.
    • Remember: access to channels and content will vary based on your TV subscription. Some content may not be available when you aren’t at home. Available content may also vary from mobile, to digital box, to website.
  • Fresh look and feel: we’ve given Anyplace TV a face-lift! The screens are clean and easy to navigate. They’ve been re-designed to look like the screens you are already familiar with, on your digital set-top box, and now include features like poster art: 



  • You will experience that same fresh look and feel whether you’re accessing the platform on Android, iOS, directly on the website, and regardless if you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


What’ cooking?:


  • Phased roll-out of apps: Both Android and iOS Rogers Anyplace TV apps will be rolling out in phases from October 10-17 so not all customers may be able to update their apps right away. 
  • Supported web browsers: is currently available on Google Chrome. The ability to watch content using other browsers like Safari is coming soon.
  • French user interface: the app and website are currently available in English only. We’ve temporarily removed the French version while we make some changes to make it even better! We appreciate your patience. It will be back soon
  • Remote PVR functionality: We’ve temporarily removed this feature while we make some changes to give you an even better experience. But don’t worry, we’re planning to add this feature back onto the Anyplace TV website soon! In the meantime, you can use the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app (in Ontario) or the Remote PVR Manager app (in Atlantic regions) to manage your PVR from your smartphone or tablet.    
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Nice explanation, but this should never have been rolled out until it was fully functional. Having only one supported browser is unacceptable. Losing the ability to manage our PVR is also unacceptable. At the very least, the new site should have been brought on-line as a Beta site, but with the option of using the older site until this new one was able to meet the needs of your customers. Right now, it does not!
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In addition to the above, it's Chrome on Windows only.  I used Firefox on Linux for years with the old guide.  I thought we left the browser specific nonsense behind years ago, when Microsoft stopped trying to break standards with Internet Explorer and their web server.  Until it works with any browser on any operating system, it's broken.  I also agree the old guide should not have been killed, as the new one is clearly not ready and, for the most part, useless.  But then, after all the nonsense with the Nextbox 3, we've come to expect this sort of thing from Rogers.


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Ditto to all said on this - also, no vertical scroll bar, and not optimized to adapt to different magnifications and resolutions and screen size - that is also basic no brainer programming these days, which Rogers has been failing to attend to a few times - MyRogers went through this nonsense to - worked properly only on IE11 at the time, and optimized to 75% magnification with no scroll bar to deal with larger magnification on the horizontal plain.


So once again - great idea - failing grade on implementation, testing, and communication prior to implementation.


But true, this is not inconsistent with Rogers past practice - not exactly best practice programming though.


Most sensible thing to do - disable it, put the old website and related apps back, and bring it back when it works - or as suggested - provide it to a few user beta testers - any of us who have spoken could have told you how to go forward so that you do not upset customers.


I could accept this type of thing, except this is not new with Rogers implementation teams.



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I totally agree. Not only has this new feature gone off half-cocked due to lack of support for the second most popular browser, PVR support doesn't even work yet for the supported browser.  This change reminds me of the introduction of NAVIGATR, which still has bugs.

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@RogersMaude: You stated the following: "Remote PVR functionality: We’ve temporarily removed this feature while we make some changes to give you an even better experience. But don’t worry, we’re planning to add this feature back onto the Anyplace TV website soon!" My reply to @RogersMaude: You have not given any indication as to how soon "soon" is. In the meantime, @OLDYELLR has provided a solution to managing our PVR to which I am eternally grateful. I am sure this solution could have been provided by rogers had you been on the ball. Just sad!
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Yes, as well, don't know how to trust these statements anymore (Rogers, not RogersMaude) - this same thing happened two years ago plus and it took months for them to get it working.  So this explains why we are ranting a bit on this one - we have been through this one too many times.


The solution worked for me too - and in the process, also learned what single login interface software is being used, and we know that has its issues too.


So contact CA technologies or your own specialist, put a link on that page for recordings and provide access to the old page while we are waiting.


And don't remove it until everything else is working properly and completely tested.  As a customer, that is not too much to ask for.



I Plan to Stick Around

"We’ve temporarily removed this feature while we make some changes to give you an even better experience."


How is removing something we use and replacing it with something that's pretty much useless a better experience?  The old one should not have been killed without a functioning replacement.


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With the previous iteration of Anyplace TV I was able to view TSN and it's other related channels such as TSN 2, etc.  I no longer see any of the TSN channels available with the new version of the app even though I am a subscriber to these channels as part of my cable package.  What has changed?

I'm a Senior Advisor

@Dugi  The feedback from my reported concern on this topic was that the decision to take this route was thoroughly thought out and this was the approached they decided to take, going ahead with a rollout of some Comcast features rather than fix some of the authorization and other issues that they were confronted with on the legacy web site.


I made it clear that this was definitely a failure to maintain a high quality end to end customer experience as the new CEO describes where they are going.


He did agree it was an inconvenience, but that there was no turning back, but could not provide any estimate on time frame.


So here we are.  The browser issue was described as an inconvenience, but workable for most, and that manage your PVR was not something that impacted a large number of people and the app was there.


So, what we see is what we get for now.  Hopefully it will come soon and not take 5 months like last time, which he stated they thought had only impacted a minority of users who rely on that feature.


I am going to walk from this topic until new things come and hopefully it comes soon and rolls out well.


I haven't yet evaluated what things are on demand and live on the site, as I didn't use it for that much anyway.  So guess the decision involved a bit of risk analysis of how much inconvenience it would create for certain groups.



I'm New Here

Why does any live broadcast that you try to watch... TV programs, sports, news etc. 

Now give a message that says.  "hmm..  this video is taking longer than usual to load."  And then never come up.

On Demand Shows work with no Issues.

Using Chrome on Win 10.  Shouldn't be an issue.


Please revert back to the old system while you fix this one.

I've Been Visiting

Apparently, Google Chrome means Google Chrome on Windows. Seriously, this is 2017 and you want me to use Windows to view web content? This is beyond stupidity, just incompetent IT people. 

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not arrived.jpg

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TV programs, sports, news etc. 

Now give a message that says.  "hmm..  this video is taking longer than usual to load."  And then never come up.

Has anyone found out how to fix this?


Hello @Fabian and Welcome to the Community!


Streaming is very convenient until it stops working :(.


Are you getting this error on the website or the app? Any specific channels the error is restricted to? Are you able to stream successfully on other platforms aside from RAP TV? 


Please keep us posted.





I'm a Frequent Visitor

I also have the same problem as Fabian. Using the Roger's website on computer with Windows 8.1 and Chrome Version 63.0.3239.108 (Official Build) (64-bit).  From the Guide (Channel 5 CBC) it opens another window and I get the message "hmm.. this video is taking longer than usual to load".  It never does load. I have cleared History, Cookies, etc and rebooted and still no go. Please advise.

I'm a Senior Advisor

CBC (Ch 5) works fine for me with Firefox on Windows 7. However, when I click TCM (Ch 49 for me) in the Guide, I get this:



"Sorry! This content can only be viewed on your Rogers home Internet network."


 What has that to do with the Rogers Cable I pay for? Why do I have to have Rogers Internet?

I'm a Senior Advisor



Since you have clarified that you do not have Rogers Internet, it all makes sense to me.


On the page


Near the bottom, you will find "See Available Channels".


TCM is in the" In Home list" where In home is defined in the details as


"Content available and number of streams vary based on Rogers Digital TV subscription, location, and Internet connection. A Rogers Internet connection that has been consolidated with your Rogers Digital TV account is required for access to your eligible In-home Content."  Bolded for emphasis by me.


Since you do not have the Rogers Internet connection consolidated with the Rogers Digital TV, as you use an alternative service, you have access only to those in the list

"From anywhere










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There are 3 TV & 3 Xbox 360 in our house and that's the major reason I chose to purchase Rogers for television. I have checked on all consoles and the Anyplace TV App isn't there. It's not available in the App store and is not found when a search is done. The Microsoft website gives advice on how to trouble shoot problems for Anyplace TV and Xbox 360 but there is nothing explaining what to do if the App doesn't exist. Without it I can only get cable television the TV hooked up to the Netbox.


Can you please explain to me whats going on?? I' plan on cancelling my new subscription if the App is no longer available on the Xbox 360 console.



I've Been Around

It does make sense that there is a restriction on what channels you can access when you are not on your home internet network.  Like CBC (ch.5) for the 2018 Olympics or one of the US network channels.  As the first posting of this blog announcing this service states "Some content may not be available when you aren’t at home. "  Then this is really not Anyplace TV.  To watch the Olympics I have to register at CBC and access their site.

I'm a Senior Advisor

Unfortunately that is that's way they defined it to operate whether we like it or not. All tied up with broadcasting agreements blackouts on modes of transmission.



I Like it Here

can't sign in to anyplace why?


Hello @anitabrom,


Welcome to the Community Forums, and thanks for your post. 


Anyplace TV is incredibly handy for TV on the go, so let's get it working for you! Are you receiving any error message when you try to log in? 


Let us know!



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When do we get programming a PVR back???  That's something I used to use regularly.


I'm a Senior Advisor

You can program your PVR using certain phone and tablet apps, but not your computer anymore. Rogers says you will be able to "soon", but won't give a timeline. I'm guessing it's months away and low priority as more and more people are ditching their computers for smartphones.  Even if it comes, Rogers only favours a certain few browsers, so if you use Firefox, like me, it's not likely to happen.

I Plan to Stick Around

I'm well aware that a phone or tablet can be used.  However, I used to fire up one browser to look up the programs on Zap2it and another to program the PVR.  It worked very well.  Now, I have to use another device, with a lot smaller display and only a touch screen to control it.  It was much more convenient and a lot easier doing it on the computer.

I've Been Around

Anyplace TV does not work for Chrome on Linux desktop. I don't have or want Windows. Please enable this.


Strangely, when using Chrome on a Linux desktop the error page says "Browser Unsupported", then it unhelpfully suggests I use Chrome. 


Update: I found a work-around.  Launch Chrome with a different user agent.  This works for me:


/usr/bin/google-chrome-stable --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/66.0.3359.139 Safari/537.36" 
I'm Here A Lot

Web site does not work on Chrome running in Chrome OS. Receive following message - Browser Unsupported. Sorry this browser is not supported. This is Chrome running in Chrome OS version 66.0.3359.181


Hello @Whatever1234,


Thank you for your post! Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with Rogers Anyplace TV.


  • Was it previously working or the problem just started happening?
  • What troubleshooting steps did you go through so far?


I'm hoping we can help you resolve this!



I've Been Visiting

Trying to login first time and receiving this error on Safari, Chrome OSX and iOS App

30213 : Sorry, we are having trouble signing you in. Please try again.


Hello @kapslock,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Receiving these type of error messages can get super annoying! I really hope the issue has been resolved since your last post. If not, it looks like the NextBox may be having an issue with its 2-way connection. The App relies on the NextBox to stream the content. Please reboot the main NextBox in your home by removing the power wire for a full 10 seconds and then reconnect it. 


Once it loads up please test out the App again and let us know if there is any improvement.


I hope this helps!