Support earthquake relief efforts in Nepal

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Support earthquake relief efforts in Nepal

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In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Nepal, we’re showing our support.

Like you, our thoughts continue to be with all those affected by the deadly earthquake in Nepal.


There’s a quick and easy way to help:


You can donate to the 


  • Canadian Red Cross by texting REDCROSS to 45678 ($10) or 30333 ($5)
  • UNICEF by texting NEPAL to 45678 ($10)
  • UN World Food Programme by texting RELIEFNEPAL to 45678 ($10).


Until May 12 we’re covering the cost of all calls to Nepal for Rogers customers so you can get in touch with friends and family there. Additionally, if you’re in Nepal, your roaming charges are waived until May 12th as well. You don’t need to call us to have the charges removed; we’ll take care of it before it hits your next bill.


Thank you for your attention,