Stay Protected with Rogers Online Protection

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Stay Protected with Rogers Online Protection

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Hello Community,


Great News! We have just launched the newest version of Rogers Online Protection is it is available for download. The new Rogers Online Protection is based on Bitdefender’s award-winning security suite and provides our Internet customers with a comprehensive suite of PC security. This latest version of Rogers Online Protection supports both 32 and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


 Here are some of the features of the Rogers Online Protection:


Unparalleled Security

  • Both versions of Rogers Online Protection can help customers secure their computers against viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits and malware
  • Vulnerability scanner keeps all applications up to date
  • Intrusion detection to continuously monitor system and network activities for possible attacks
  • Parental Controls can help monitor children’s online activities


Customer Support

  • Techxpert dashboard provides ROP customers with access to chat support and helpful tools


Enhanced Security

  • Protection against phishing attacks is available with ROP Premium


Secure Browsing

  • Safepay is a premium secure web browser to keep hackers away from e-commerce and banking transactions


Total Privacy

  • Premium features include an enhanced two-way firewall to protect the computer from unauthorized connection attempts
  • File encryption to maintain privacy
  • File shredder to permanently delete files from the computer
  • Encrypted Wallet allows the customer to manage their passwords, financial information, and other sensitive information


Enhanced Performance

  • Triggers scan when system resources are idle
  • Premium Optimize feature to keep computers running efficiently


Absolute Silence

  • Hassle free autopilot mode that requires minimal user interaction 


To learn more, please visit the Rogers Online Protection page here .


I Plan to Stick Around

IF you are just going to reply to with "ditch ROP and get a real AV", please don't bother to reply Smiley Wink


The other day AV and anti-spyware wouldn't start. I found this post, so I went ahead and downloaded andinstalled the new version. This fixed my issue, now I have another problem. I never before installed the TechXpert portion - no need for anyone to take over my computer, I can follow any instructions myself - thank you very much. (We do IT support for a living). Definitely not interested in a paying for this premium support that Rogers is reselling.


Now with this new version - it is REQUIRED to install TechXpert first in order to install ROP. Ok. as long as I don't hit anything in TechXpert to trigger a takeover, I guess I can live with it being installed, right?



The homepage on it (Status tab) states a tuneup will run in X hours, Question mark there explains what is included in a tuneup. Of the 4 items listed, I wish to disable 2 of them - but there does not appear to be any settings to adjust anything in the TechXpert dashboard:

- we make sure your pc is running at Peak performance

- automatically delete junk files


There is no explanation as to what it will do - is it running a PC cleaner type tool, defrag and the like, I don't want it. How does it determine what are 'junk' files?


Other than alerting me/fixing the basic ROP components (AV, anti-spyware, firewall), it should not be messing with my computer. It's intrusive if it's not clearly explained what exactly it is doing. 


If not in a settings interface, then is there something I can manually edit or remove in \Program Files\Rogers\TechXpert\ folder to effectively disable it?


Rogers chat provided me a link to Radialpoint's unistalller for TechXpert. I used that - it did show a warning that it was needed for ROP. Now that TechXpert is uninstalled, ROP will not let me adjust anything. It reports that I'm protected and that it appears to be updating the definitions, but that is all I can see/do. If I try to open the interface, it is greyed out (I can see it says last updated today, so it is running), and says "Rogers Online Protection was not authorized to run".


I will have to re-install TechXpert componet in order to properly use ROP.


It works quite well for our needs, and has been flawless for years (after deleting and blocking the identity and backup folders to prevent those compoents running which are not included in Basic ROP anyway), and we're paying for it anyway in essence it's built into our internet fee.

I Plan to Stick Around

"Premium features include an enhanced two-way firewall to protect the computer from unauthorized connection attempts"

You have taken the firewall out of the Basic ROP ? !

I'm a Regular

Just spent the last ten minutes trying to download ROP. Been going round and round on here. Why not a simple button that says DOWNLOAD ROP? You could have it under Support. Keep seeing the instruction to go to protected. Why no link to there instead? Does anyone actually think these things through?


If I have the free version can I protect more than one PC at a time?



Hello, @Cap07


Were you able to download the ROP? Please make sure you are downloading it when you are connected to your home Internet. Here is the link for ROP page.


You can protect up to 3 PCs with ROP Basic.




I'm a Regular

Not sure how I'd be able to even access Rogers website if I wasn't connected to the internet......