Spotlight: Say Goodbye to the $2 Paper Bill Fee!

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Spotlight: Say Goodbye to the $2 Paper Bill Fee!

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Hi Everyone!


I am glad I will be able to bring some good news to the Rogers community! Smiley Happy


As of December 17th, we will no longer be charging the $2 paper bill and to align with the goverment decision. We know it’s the right thing to do and a great step forward in our journey for a better customer experience.


Of course, we do highly encourage the use of online billing for its benefits; accessibility, convenience and environmentally-friendliness! Invoices are stored on MyRogers for 18 months and you have the flexibility to view your bills from anywhere on any device.


For those who prefer having a hard copy, we are happy to announce that you will no longer see this fee appear on your invoices! Since this implementation is recent, if you do see any references either online or via email communication, fear not! The team is working to remove all of these references as quickly as we can.


Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday and looking forward to the weekend!




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Interesting! No mention whatsoever of the fact that Federal legislation is forcing you to do this. While I personally love online billing, the fact is that Rogers justified its move to online billing as being environmentally friendly and a bid to save trees. On the other hand they continued to send out mounds of direct mail advertising with no regard for the trees. I cannot help but think that the move to charging us for paper bills was just another example of Rogers nickle and diming us to death and customers would still be facing this charge had it not been for new legislation!
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"We agree it’s the right thing to do "

If it was the right thing to do, why did it take government intervention for you to do it?


And, by coincidence I'm sure, fees for Tv and internet are going up by...$2.

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TV, Internet, and Home Phone are all going up - in some cases the price increase is more the $2 per package. Remember too that the January increase is only the first increase of the year! They get you - no matter what!
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Wooptey Do! how about supporting A phone I am still in a contract for LG Optimus G? that would be better news.

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Glad that this was removed but it took this long and the government to get involved in order for carriers to take it off.  Hopefully other little fees can come off like this but I am sure we will be charged another fee on our bills. 

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Ugh, I hate Rogers and can hardly wait till my contract is over!  Thieves!


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"I am glad I will be able to bring some good news to the Rogers community!"


or as George Orwell put it "thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate ration to twenty grammes a week"