Spotlight: SA8300HD PVR Hard Drive Dead

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Spotlight: SA8300HD PVR Hard Drive Dead

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They've been around for over a decade, they're hearty but, sometimes things just stop working.


The Community's own Resident Expert @jimboden  ran into this this past January. All was thought lost, and it looked as if a 'heart transplant' was in order.








Along came @ChrisK1 , who offered up the idea to re-format the hard drive. While it didn't precisely work for @jimboden , it did come in very helpful for another user earlier this week.




Accepted Solution.png




If you too have found these instructions helpful pop over to the thread here and give up the Kudos Smiley Tongue



I'm a Senior Advisor

Thanks for the detailed instructions how to format the 8300 hard drive. From following jimboden's postings here for some time, I do believe he actually did have a hard drive go bad. That's a physical problem that can happen to hard drives after a long time. However, this should not be confused with the current behaviour of the SA8300HD going into a prolonged reboot/FAIL cycle when rebooting, either after a power interruption or update. This is something new that has been created and has nothing to do with the hard drive. Eventually the cycle will end, so it's best to just leave it alone to do its thing and come back an hour later. Hopefully Rogers can correct this anomaly so our viewing or recording will not get interrupted in the future.

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I tried reformatting the drive, as per the solution posted above, and it worked briefly. The hard drive finally failed, however, I was still able to watch TV without it. I didn't replace it for a couple of months. As OLDYELLR pointed out, this has nothing to do with the current reboot/FAIL problem a lot of users are experiencing.

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That's correct @OLDYELLR , the two issues should not be confused.