Spotlight: People you will see in the Community and 'who' they are. Part 4

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Spotlight: People you will see in the Community and 'who' they are. Part 4

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To finish off the series this week we'll spotlight the 'Moderator' and 'Former Moderator'.


I'm sure our Moderators need no introduction. Well no further introduction as each posted a blog about themselves for you all to see 🙂 But in case you have recently joined us and haven't read all the blogs you can identify an active Moderator by their picture and rank seen here: Moderator.png


If you ever have a concern with anything you come across in the Community you can reach the Moderators by filing an 'Abuse Report' from the Options menu detailed below. They'll jump on it ASAP and let you know the outcome.







As our Community has grown and changed, so to have our Moderators. Some have moved on to different roles and others have simply moved on. A Former Moderator can be identified as seen here: FormerMod.png


We mark Former Moderators as such to let the Community know that the individual is no longer active within the Community, but as a previous Moderator they had worked on behalf of the Community and Rogers at one time.



That about wraps it up!



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I'm still waiting for "President and CEO of the Support Forums". I'll be applying for it.



Cheers.  🙂