Spotlight: People you will see in the Community and 'who' they are. Part 3

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Spotlight: People you will see in the Community and 'who' they are. Part 3

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Hello again!


As promised, this week we'll 'Spotlight' the 'Retired Community Manager' and our current 'Community Manager'.


If you have been with us longer than a year, you'll remember RogersGina. While RogersGina is working at Rogers in a different capacity, she has since retired from 'communitiy life' and visits time to time to run reports and other analytical tasks. She now appears as such: CommunityManagerRetired.png


Joining us nearly one year ago (to the day none the less) is our new Community Manager RogersMargaret. I'm sure you have all seen her around, but if not she will look like this: CommunityManager.png


As Community Manager, RogersMargaret is ultimately responsible for the health and well-being of a community.  The community manager drives the community strategy and works with numerous parties (internal to Rogers and with vendors) to make changes/improvements in the community.  Generally speaking, whenever you see new features launched in the community, it will be driven by the community manager.


Until next week!



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Some day I'll be a Resident Expert (Retired). Not for quite a while, I hope.



Thanks for keeping us up to date on things around here!  🙂

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Never thought of doing an Alumi! Interesting....I like it.

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thanks for the update!