Spotlight: Connnecting my Wireless Printer to the Hitron CGN3

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Spotlight: Connnecting my Wireless Printer to the Hitron CGN3

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A month ago, Community member @Cheryl_T had a few set up issues with their Canon Pixma MG3500 and the Hitron CGN3.  Our Resident Expert @Gdkitty spent two whole days with @Cheryl_T working through each set of challenges.


If you are having issues setting your wireless printer up with your Hitron CGN3, I encourage you to visit the thread here and take a read. If you have a different model of printer or modem and these steps don't help, please feel free to make a post. I'm sure the Community will be there to help you through it.


Check out the Accepted Solution below:


WiFi Printer Solution.png


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I Like it Here

approximatley 2 months ago i changed my router to the HITRON CGN2,, since then i am UNABLE to directly print to my

HP Officejet 6700 from my IPhone / IPad spoke to Rogers at least 4-6 times and they are convince its not the router.

my laptop prints fine,, I also spoke to HP tehc support aand they suggest that i discuss this with Rogers with an email

they sent me,,I would like to forward this email  to Rogers ..hopefully it may help to solve my problems