Security Changes to your Rogers Yahoo! Email

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Security Changes to your Rogers Yahoo! Email

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To enhance customer security, Yahoo! introduced two changes to its mail service.

If you’re a Rogers Yahoo! email account holder, read on to find out:

  • How these changes might affect your ability to access Rogers Yahoo! email from your preferred third-party program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook/Apple Mail/Mozilla Thunderbird).
  • Troubleshooting steps for customers experiencing sign in difficulties due to Yahoo!’s May 2017 security updates.

What’s changed?

Two changes to enhance your email security:

  • Encryption: Yahoo! has updated its IMAP email server’s SSL certificate.
  • Authentication: To sign in to the Yahoo! email server from your preferred email program, you’ll now need to enter your full email address (i.e. in the User Name field.

Why is Yahoo! updating its IMAP server’s SSL certificate?

The SSL certificate is being updated to enhance your security.


How might these changes affect me, and what should I do if they do?

Most Rogers Yahoo! email users will see no change.

But if you’re using an older email program:

  1. You may be asked to accept the new SSL certificate.
  2. And/or, you may be prompted to update your sign in credentials.

Here’s what to do in both cases:

If you get an SSL certificate warning asking you to accept the new certificate:

  1. Accept the request.
  2. Consider updating your email program because it is no longer receiving SSL updates from its software provider.

If your email program reports that it can’t sign in:

  1. Open its settings or preferences (steps vary based on program and operating system).
  2. Re-enter your full email address (e.g. in the User Name field.

What happens if I don’t accept the Yahoo! IMAP server’s new SSL certificate?

You will no longer be able to send and receive emails through your email program.

As an alternative, you can check your email by signing in to Rogers Yahoo! webmail.


What is an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security technology that creates an encrypted link between a web server (e.g. Yahoo’s email server) and a client (i.e. your email program).

Organizations like Yahoo! and Rogers install SSL certificates on their companies’ servers to ensure secure connections.


What’s an IMAP server?

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. As its name implies, IMAP is a system for accessing email stored on a server (e.g. Yahoo’s email server) from a client (i.e. your email program). IMAP and POP3 are the two most commonly used systems for retrieving emails.



To learn more about your Rogers Yahoo! Email Setting, please check out this How To Guide.



I'm a Frequent Visitor

What does this mean for those of us that have our email forwarded from Yahoo to Google or other mail systems?

Do we need to make any changes to be able to continue to get mail forwarded?

I Like it Here

This is all gobbledegook to me. How can I tell if my ssl cerificate is active and also my imap?

I Plan to Stick Around

This comment relates more to the recent notification from around May 11, 2017 that Rogers/Yahoo is changing email procedures yet again for stand alone email clients and I have a few of questions.


When does this change take effect? I use two email clients, Eudora, and windows live mail. I also have 5 different Rogers email accounts. Am I going to have to remember 10 different passwords now or does your new system create 1 password for Eudora, and 1 for Windows Live mail? How does this change improve my security?


Yahoo has already been hacked a couple of years ago, and kept it quiet for over a year before they informed customers. How does this new random password process help to prevent them losing all the new email passwords? I would really prefer to create my own passwords and to continue using my trusted and true email clients. I don't like the web based email client which throws ads and videos at me when I use it.


I also don't particularly like the idea of multiple passwords to remember, none of which will be any more or less secure than my own system of creating passwords.

I've Been Around
Kindly post an App Password settings update procedure for Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011. Thank you.
I Plan to Stick Around

Kindly fix the email portal. I cannot log in to change the passwords on my secondary accounts.


We are sorry but the system is not available.

I'm a Frequent Visitor

It looks like Rogers knows how to post stuff to their blog but don't know how to respond to our comments.

If there is not the ability to comment back then and update to the blog would be nice or an FAQ that helps with the questions that are posted



Hello @silter


My apologies for the delay in response to your comment.


The changes made to the Rogers Yahoo email settings should not affect your ability to forward emails. If you are using an email client to access your email it will need its own password in order to gain access using that client. Please click here to view the thread on changes to the Rogers Yahoo Email settings. 







I Plan to Stick Around

Would you please just give us back access to the full Yahoo control panel? The stripped-down Rogers version is not working.


I've Been Here Awhile

This is similar to a question previously asked (but not yet answered).


I have my primary email account, plus multiple secondary email accounts.  How does this App Password work?  Do I need an App Password for each of the email accounts currently setup?  Should all email accounts be expected to share a single App Password?


While the instructions for how to change passwords to the new App Password are somewhat helpful, it doesn't seem clear as to how to manage App Passwords when you have multiple email addresses.


Can someone please confirm if there should be a 1:1 of App Password to email account (including primary and all secondary email addresses) or something different?





Hi @bill_adams!


That's a good question.


We recommend using a different App Password for each unsupported email program or device. So you would only setup another App Password if the secondary emails in question are setup across multiple devices.


I hope that helps. If you require any further assistance however, please don't hesitate to PM us @CommunityHelps.


If you're not familiar with how to PM, please follow this link for instructions:




I've Been Visiting


I am sick and tired of Rogers just changing emails (Yahoo) on my computer please stop making changes as I am now not able to receive emails from different sources  which I was able to receive before - 

I'm a Senior Advisor



This is not to say that you aren't having problems with being unable to receive mails from different sources, but I would like to clarify a couple of things.


When you say receiving emails from different sources are you speaking of the ability to attached other email services, such as gmail or outlook and receive them in your inbox in your Rogers Yahoo account.


If this is the issue, I have a couple of comments, if not, if you clarify, maybe I or others can help.


I will start by saying that I am in agreement with you, the changes to the Rogers Yahoo, although an excellent detailed FAQ was provided (see Rogers Roland at beginning), that does not mean the change over was seamless.  It has been full of challenges for users as it was rolled out poorly, and many features worked very differently without much description on the most important part - the use of the email and its features, not the log in issue = it had its issues, but really was from my perspective was well explained and worked well once they fully implemented it.


Now speaking on the ability to access the settings to receive email from other accounts, this may differ from past, depending upon changes made in other email systems, and some have been made, but for most users, it was seamless.


Once logged into the Rogers home page and go into the inbox, you will see settings gear in the top right corner.


Open settings option and go to accounts settings on the left hand list.


Once in the accounts setting tab, you will see your Rogers email address there, which you can click on and find settings for the Rogers account.


If you have been receiving other emails into your inbox, you should not need to make any changes to that account.


Close the account:


Click add another account and you have options of choosing from Outlook, Google, another Yahoo account, and AOL - yes, AOL is still around - owned by Verizon now, who also owns Yahoo.


There is an other choice, but it provides no options - just says email provider is not available and will email as new email are added.


For other accounts, I would have them forward their email to Yahoo if that is what you wish to do, but it will not be an SMTP connection permitting the view of all folders.


Follow the template instructions provided for your chosen account and complete all details - there will be some email or text verification that will need to be made along the way to fully set it up.


But having said all that, although I have tested outlook, an extra yahoo account, outlook and gmail using these setups in settings with no difficulties, there was a learning curve for me as some actions differed from past, and that doesn't mean I suggest that there is anything you are doing in error, just stating that it worked for me.


This implementation has been a buggy one and reports of the benefits of tech support and use of FAQ's and even our help here has been sketchy for each user.


Many users, myself included have completed dropped the yahoo rogers email account from use totally, porting all mail to a Gmail account in my case (there are instructions in this thread on how to do that - once done, you forget about it, so at this moment, I couldn't describe the process to you, but most have had success and various routes of getting all historical email over to another email service.


This is an alternative - my personal opinion is get of yahoo Rogers mail - with their history of security hacks, sale, new company, and poor implementation to the changes, have made the decision just to leave completely.  The decision to remain with Yahoo by Rogers is a very questionable one from this humble user's opinion.


I hope you can get your mail from other accounts over for your use.


Good luck with whatever you decide.


Further questions or feedback on how it went, let us all know.  This issue of Rogers Email is a common one for many.