Rollout of the Redesigned Homepage

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Rollout of the Redesigned Homepage

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Hey Community,


Our website is one of the key ways that we interact with our customers to communicate our brand, products and promotions.

On November 16, 2018, we’ve launched our redesigned homepage!

The new homepage is more efficient and intuitive for our customers.  It is clean and clutter-free and allows for easy navigation.


There was a staggered approach to the roll out, with all customers seeing the new homepage by November 19, 2018.



Changes to the homepage include:

  • New banner and cards sections to showcase our featured products and promotions
  • New navigation buttons to switch between Personal and Business view
  • Promotions section moved under the Shop menu
  • New QUICK LINKS section in the Search
  • FIND A STORE section moved up in the mobile view menu for easier access

 new rogers com.png


Please provide us with your thoughts on the enhancements and report anything unusual. We'll gladly pass along the your feedback! Smiley Wink

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Not that I really care  but I was curious  ...   the links don't work for me  even when signed in . 


Thank you for taking the time to bring this up to our attention @barndoor!


The links should have been functional. However, I was experiencing the same issue.


We have therefore updated the post. Thanks again! Smiley Wink





I Plan to Stick Around

It looks like the same old thing to me.  It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.



I Plan to Stick Around

Oh I see what you are talking about now its the page before your sign in.  After that its the same ole.

I'm a Senior Advisor

On a basic level, it just another advertising focussed web site, laid out differently than before.  I personally would like to bypass it completely and just go to a MyRogers page landing site if it were possible.


What is important though is that the layout  is nice and clean and the font size and contrasts are very readable and exceed the ODAO standards that are required by 2021.  I would expect that we will be seeing quite a number of changes to all pages as these standards are met over the next couple of years. By 2025 there will be flyover text and flyover sound options built into the website for objects on the screen visual impairment, and choice of three font sizes built right into the page.



I Plan to Stick Around

Well about Rogers updated website, the signin when the pictures of different things come up, is not so clear as the jumbled letters or capchta.   It is like trying to put a puzzle together, which of course, makes it puzzling to say the least.   Go back to the capcta, it was better.   The website is fine otherwise.   Who are Rogers making it easier for, themselves, or customers.   Makes me wonder!   Thanks for your time and consideration.   Just expressing my opinion.