RogersStrick Signing Off!

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RogersStrick Signing Off!

Community Manager (Retired)
Posts: 74

Hello Community,


It’s been a year now that I have been the Community Manager for the Rogers Community Forums and what an amazing experience!


I took this opportunity and joined the Rogers Social Support team because I wanted to learn more about social and the Rogers Community Forums. Once I heard the forums was a place where customers could find helpful information or seek help from their peers it immediately appealed to my passion for helping others. I made a great choice, this experience has been a fruitful one and has allowed me to learn much about the power and reach of social while giving me an opportunity to help resolve some of the issues experienced by Community members and other Rogers customers.


We had some exciting moments this year; the Yahoo banner ads, the Community helping us to identify a firmware problem with the CGN3AC SMR impacting gamers playing League of Legends and the launch of Navigatr, to name a few. It felt great to be able to come back to the community with a fix for some of the concerns that were raised and even better to deploy the fix right there in the Community. I know we had some not so positive times with the launch of Navigatr but still the Community came through for us and provided feedback and insights which allowed us to make improvements to the product and better decisions with regards to the roll out. It wasn’t always easy but it was always a pleasure to be a part of those moments and always exciting to know that we were involved in driving change.


With that being said, it’s with mixed emotions that I surrender the reins to RogersMargaret who has returned from maternity leave. RogersMargaret has been blessed with a healthy and happy addition to her family and is now ready to dive back into the excitement of being the Community Manager for the Rogers Community Forums. Please join me in welcoming RogersMargaret back to the Community, I know she is very happy to be back so please say hello and welcome her back, when you see her in the Community.


Thank you and take care everyone!




Community Manager (Retired)

Hi everyone,


First, a HUGE thank you to RogersStrick for doing such an amazing job this last year!  In between dirty diapers and crying (from the kid, not me!), I watched the community undergo an exceptional transformation. 


It's super exciting to be back ... there's a LOT on the go right now so I'm thrilled to let you know that we've got some awesome stuff coming up in the community.


As always, feel free to drop me a PM if there's anything you'd like to discuss.



I'm an Advisor

Going to miss you @RogersStrick! Hope to see you around the forums!


Congratulations on the new addition to the family and welcome back @RogersMargaret!