Rogers Wireless Network Enhancements

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Rogers Wireless Network Enhancements

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Hey Community,


At Rogers, we believe in providing our customers with a network experience that empowers them to make more possible and we are continuously investing to deliver that experience.


Today you can enjoy a wireless network that covers 97% of Canadians and Extended Coverage to give you the confidence to stay connected in even more places across Canada. Tomorrow you’ll enjoy endless possibilities as we embark on the world of 5G.


What are we doing?

  • Investing in the reliable and consistent network experience that customers tell us is important
  • Delivering a premium LTE and VoLTE experience
  • Building the foundation for 5G


Here’s a breakdown:


What is it?



Enhancements to existing cell towers


Increased speed and slightly improved LTE coverage in a broad area, such as a city

Building new cell towers


Improves both LTE and HSPA coverage and/or speed in a targeted, localized area such as a neighbourhood


Improves LTE coverage and/or speed in a targeted, localized area such as a neighbourhood





Things that could affect your coverage

Device, location, and environmental issues can disrupt your signal, but we can help you resolve them.

Check the status of our network with MyNetwork, or analyze and resolve common issues with DeviceAid, right from your iOS or Android device!


Stay tuned for more info! We will let you know of the network activities and what’s happening.