Rogers Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi

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Rogers Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi

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Hey Community,


Today, we want to share some information about Rogers Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi as it has recently been made available to most of our Rogers Internet customers. 

Rogers Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi intelligently adapts to your home’s layout and extends Wi-Fi coverage to even the hardest-to-reach places. You can add it to your Ignite InternetTM package to get around signal interference like building materials and your neighbours’ Wi-Fi.


This Rogers premium mesh Wi-Fi service is expandable and customizable for any home. It includes an eero Wi-Fi hub that connects to your Rogers Wi-Fi modem and an eero beacon. You can add additional eero Wi-Fi beacons if needed to tailor your service to your needs. It also includes the eero app to manage the Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi network.




Extended coverage

Each Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi beacon is small but powerful, covering about 1000 square feet, so you don’t need one in every room.

Reliable and smart Wi-Fi

Next-generation technology automatically finds the best path for each device, balances network traffic, and prevents signal congestion/disruption.

Fast and responsive

Rogers Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi can handle high-intensity gaming and 4K streaming with ease.

Security that keeps getting better

From advanced encryption and protocols, to automatic software updates ― your connected home network stays protected.

eero app

Free eero app included to manage your Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi solution from your smartphone from your home and on the go.

  • Check Internet speed between the modem and the eero Wi-Fi hub
  • See which devices are connected and the signal quality
  • Check that eero mesh network (hub and beacons) is working properly and offer troubleshooting tips
  • Easily recover your Wi-Fi password
  • Provide guest network access


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While this service can be added to any Rogers Internet service and modem a technician installation ($49.99) is required to review your modem placement, troubleshoot any unique issues in your home, and recommend the ideal number of beacons.


The technician will help you download the eero app to complete the setup. You will need a supported iOS (9.3 or later) or Android (5.0 or later) smartphone with a data connection, an email address and mobile phone number (with any carrier).


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Hello @RogersMaude


Just got it installed!. Very powerful and gives me WiFi in the backyard. ( Full bars) with the beacon in the lounge room. 


The beacon has a LED night light as well if you want it on or scheduled. The Eero app gives you all the information you need on each device that it's connected to. Shows how many bars each device gets and let's u know when the speeds are low for each device. It automatically switches each device from 2.5G to 5G when it picks up faster speeds. 


One thing I would suggest. Have more technicians trained. I have 2 techs come out with no training and no equipment. I had to speak to a manager and waste 3hrs trying to get this. I don't blame the techs. The problem lays within Rogers.. Before launching a service, have the techs all trained for this. 


The last rep was amazing and walked me through everything. I get well over 600 download speeds and 50 upload speeds!  Including I get WiFi around the whole property!.


EDIT - I noticed that the Eero hub gets really hot. I wouldn't advice to have this near animals or small kids. You would think they would make this without reaching temperatures to the point it's hot to touch. I called tech support and they told me because it doesn't have a fan built in nor holes to let it breathe this will happen. So caution to others that will place this anywhere near animals or anywhere of reach of kids. 

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To either of you: In the description, it states a smartphone with data is required: A little research on the Eero site I found a workaround if you don't have cellular data - You are using what they call "double NATing". It means you keep your gateway device active and broadcasting WIFI, and use that smartphone app WIFI connection to set up the Eoore network device. When done, you put your Hitron into Bridge mode, or if on the the new Ignite TV gateways, you move them to bridged, and if you happen to be using a router, you bridge off that (this is more relevant to people who are using this equipment with third party providers of services where you typically do not have a gateway, but a modem and router in place. Here is the link: So for those of us like me who don't have cellular data, yes, you can set it up without cellular data. Now will the installer be willing to do the workaround and support going forward, I can't say. Since they are setting it up, why not finalize the setup on their phone, and then install and configure the app on your phone. Just another workaround necessary when Rogers may not support them. Sounds like a good system - I solved my problem by moving my Hitron by doing my own cable fishing and moving the cable from the back corner of the basement to the middle of the main floor of the house, and still have a D-link extender. In my case, 10.00 per month is not something I can afford, I just spent the day reducing services on my home services, and getting reductions on my insurance from my home (hey, found out that my alumni insurance is cheaper from my second university association - wouldn't know if I hadn't asked and said I am looking to save money - no humility in that discussion for me anymore - it is survival). So sounds like a wonderful solution and means that like the other guys, Rogers now admits that WI-FI, in particular on 5 rather than 2.4 is highly constricted by building structure design and electrical interference in the home. For years, they have said to us, we can solve the issue with more speed, by building more antennas in, by putting directional antennas in (beam forming), and now they like the whole industry now knows the decision is mesh and beacon and smart networking technology. Long over due. Bruce