Rogers Is Awarded Canada’s Fastest Internet Again!

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Rogers Is Awarded Canada’s Fastest Internet Again!

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Hey Community,


It’s official! For the fourth year in a row, Rogers has been awarded the Speedtest® Award for Canada’s fastest internet by Ookla®!


Based on over 17 million tests taken with Speedtest – that’s over 65 tests per minute by actual customers – these results reflect how we are connecting Canadians to more of what they love.




With faster speed to power your connected homes, you can make more possible:

  • Connect more of your Wi-Fi devices online at the same time
  • Experience more online entertainment in rich video quality
  • Enjoy more advanced games, apps and services


The Speed ScoreTM for Rogers was 57% faster than for Bell:

  • Rogers Speedtest Awards win from Ookla is based on over 17 million tests taken with Speedtest from Q1-Q2 2018 and reflects both download and upload speeds.
    • Bell’s recent speed ranking by PCMag is based on about 12 thousand tests
    • PCMag ranked Bell fastest this year in Quebec and Canada overall, but ranked Rogers fastest in Ontario and Newfoundland.


Ignite Internet is fast, powerful and reliable. It features:


  • Fibre-powered network built for video
    • Rogers network combines fibre-optic cables to the neighbourhood plus high capacity coax cables to your home. We never deliver internet through a phone line.
    • We use the world’s fastest cable network technology (DOCSIS 3.1) and Ignite Internet with gigabit speed has been available since 2016 to everywhere we offer Internet service. Bell is still limited today to top download speeds of 100 Mbps in many Ontario neighbourhoods.
  • Leading Wi-Fi technology
    • Our top modems feature the fastest Wi-Fi technology (802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi with multi-user MIMO) for lightning-quick speeds and a strong signal throughout your home.
    • To further extend and customize Wi-Fi coverage for even the hardest-to-reach places, our new Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi service can also be added to any Rogers Internet package.  
  •  Internet you can rely on
    • Rogers Internet is ranked fastest for streaming Netflix in Ontario and Atlantic Canada – faster than fibre to the home services from Bell Canada (Ontario) and Bell Aliant (Atlantic) every month from January 2017 to June 2018 to date.1
    • Awarded Canada’s fastest Internet 4 years in a row, based on millions of Speedtest®results.2
    • Download Steam content faster with Rogers. (Average download rates published by Steam show that Rogers consistently tops the list of providers across Canada.3)
    • Since May 2018, Rogers is YouTube HD Verified so you can enjoy smooth HD streaming.4
    • According to a Maru Voice Canada Survey conducted from Janurary 1 to December 31, 2017, more homes in Ontario are powered by Rogers Internet.



  1. Based on the Netflix ISP Speed Index rankings Jan 2017 – June 2018 for Canadian Providers within Rogers Internet service areas.
  2. Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for Q1–Q2 2015, Q3–Q4 2016, Q1–Q2 2017,Q1–Q2 2018. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.”
  3. Based on average download speeds for all game downloads from the Steam client across Canada April 2016–May 2018. Does not include broadcast or streaming video content. See for the latest results.
I Plan to Stick Around

It's so funny you guys are bragging about speedtest  but yet i can't stream 4k youtube and get download speeds below 100 mbps on the the world’s fastest cable network technology (DOCSIS 3.1). Meanwhile in the real world customers are left with unanswered issues that they are paying for every month.

Resident Expert

A rather interesting announcement to say the least.  I can’t help but comment on the claims. 


  1. Speed scores.  OK, maybe faster when you look specifically at speedtest results across both networks.  Bell’s fibre combined with their slower DSL system probably result in a lower overall score.  However, Bell is currently able to run 1.5 Gb/s down, 940 Mb/s up.  Rogers can only run 950/960 Mb/s down, 30 Mb/s up, a far cry from Bell’s upload capability.  And, Bell is looking to go 5 Gb/s down in the not too distant future.  Rogers would have to deploy Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1 to match that, which is maybe one to two years away, maybe even further? Rogers is radio silent on its future plans.
  2. DOCSIS 3.1. Ok, it’s here, but in a good number of cases, DOCSIS 3.1 just isn’t working as it should.  Just look at the number of complaints in the forum regarding slow speed issues with the CODA-4582 modem which runs DOCSIS 3.1 on the downstream side.  There doesn’t seem to be any answer to these problems, although I would really like to see one.
  3. Wifi Technology. Beam forming isn’t enabled on the CODA-4582 to prevent it from exceeding the maximum allowed power limitations as dictated by Industry Canada.  Multi-User MIMO?  No one, beyond the engineering staff knows if MU-MIMO is enabled in the modem.  There has been no public announcement of features that are supported by the various modems but are disabled by Rogers.  Wall to Wall Wi-Fi.    Yup it works as others have indicated, probably too well as wifi ranges extend far beyond the owners home, making wifi life miserable for the neighbours.  Not looking forward to seeing that near my home.
  4. Internet you can rely on: Interesting specs.  Rogers shows up as being the higher performer for content streaming for Netflix and Youtube. Again, a numbers game based on the aggregate service data rates for Bell versus Rogers.  There have been ongoing complaints in the forum, dating back maybe two years now (?) that show slow download rates from Microsoft and Sony CDNs, Netflix and Youtube and continual upload problems with Twitch upload.  And …. there are no fixes in sight.

Ok, so, not trying to slag Rogers services, just trying to add a comment response based on observations in the forum made by other users over the last few months and longer.

I Plan to Stick Around

And the sad part about it is we have to pay and suffer without answers while they reap the benefits.

I'm a Senior Advisor



Extremely well articulated, from an extremely reputable source. Your knowledge of networking stands high in my view and that of others. Also a nice summary of "real life" issues as reported on the forums, which this report of such grandeur on behalf of tests by third party companies.


Here is a couple more to add - every company in 2016, as recorded by SamKnows delivered at or above the sold upload and download speeds, except for some DSL connections. So at that time all companies delivered what they claimed - great for all the players and Canada had some of the best speeds internationally. I have a whitebox from SamKnows, and to my Gateway, wired to the SamKnows measurement router, my speeds are at or above my "legacy 75/10". I just got that speed a year ago - legacy? But that is a different comment from a user.


On the topic of comparable speeds, you are dead on about the comparison. What is being reported is aggregate statistics measured from the tests, yet PCMag, which they did acknowledge breaks down in much more detail how speeds in Newfoundland are the highest, compliments to Rogers, but Toronto, Bell wins hands down, Rogers wins for Ontario as well, but not in any other part of the country where they serve Internet.


Toronto: Bell Canada – 127.9; Rogers at 97.9 Montreal: Bell Canada – 68.6 Ottawa: Rogers – 94.6 Calgary & Winnipeg: Shaw


So when looking at it by city, we see much more comparable results. So when looking at these awards, it is the true user experience that matters to the consumer - the awards, provide support for performance of networks and a way for consumers to generally compare services, but the PCMag report also provides detailed speculative and data supported analysis of what accounts for differences in areas of the country and what each area can provide, which is an much more honest presentation.


For example, if I live in Toronto, and have Bell and Rogers side by side, for comparable price at this time, Bell wins hands down. In my own area, Rogers wins for fastest speed, but also in my area, I can get the provision of the service from either carrier via third party with modems that they support as reliable as their business depends upon making sure they can deliver. A few customers disgruntled in this area, will go to another provider third party, or the big ones if delivery is limited by the modems. And most local providers won't touch a Hitron lower end modem, nor will they use gateways. They provided customized installs with installation and 24 hour follow-up and ongoing automated testing and response before you may even know about it.


I was thinking I had read that we have never heard that MIMO was turned on, it is capable, but Rogers has never mentioned that it is available that I recall reading, and I knew that the wave forming was turned off. Further, other features on the box are not available.


A recent test in my home, trying to get the best location, and I set up my Hitron higher end modem up with WIFI turned off to remove extraneous signals, and plugged into a D-Link access point/repeater, in access mode, ethernet supported at 1 GB flow through and I get close to 100 down and my typical 10 up and good ping and jitter, testing with the SamKnows app for testing WIFI - they are now collecting data on anyone who wants to run these tests - they run twice a day or as often as I wish, so somewhere down the line, I expect they will report on the last three years of wired and wireless, with speeds delivered as expected, and how WIFI performs. When I ran the gateway with wifi, from exactly the same place as the DLink, dlink now disconnected so no signals from it, my speeds ran in the 60 down and 10 up, ping and jitter similiar, so so much for that wonderful WIFI.  All done with same sites standing right beside the devices.


I have never made an issue because I run devices via switch around the house that is wired, and we only have two people and our demand is not high, and besides, up until a year ago, I was only on 60 Mbs and before that 50, now 75, so from my perspective, all this talk about speeds - I don't care.


It is the user experience that matters, not what may be aggregated using apple and orange comparisons, on factors that may have no relevance to the user.


For our family, we constantly have drop outs, but I just wait, haven't bothered to do much testing or report it, I can live with it, but thought I would report on my experience, plus give my own feedback on this announcement. From my perspective, it is mostly marketing, no different than comparing cars, house buying and selling experience on the aggregate, and so forth, it is the user experience that matters, and there is a lot of people on this board may take a bit of offence out of this report of great things when they are struggling to get things they have paid for.


Just my counter opinion.


I figure, if Rogers makes a decision to put an announcement out like this, they need to be prepared for people to carefully analyze it and report differences and comment on real life reporting on the forum and other social forums, other forums, social media, and our own experience.  as we see them.


I know some things are hard to fix, we are into cutting edge technology, but so is everyone, so keep the focus on the ball - the customer in front of you.