Rogers Infinite – Unlimited Wireless Data Plans for Infinite Possibilities

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Rogers Infinite – Unlimited Wireless Data Plans for Infinite Possibilities

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Hey Community,


On June 13, 2019, we introduced unlimited data plans with no overage charges on Canada’s most trusted, national network.

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Your data never stops, so no more overage charges on your bill. Rogers Infinite plans start at $75 for 10GB of max speed data per month, so you can stream all the video, music and content you need, worry free. You then have unlimited data at reduced speeds so you can still text, and use basic email, browsing and apps. If you want more max speed data, you can purchase a Speed Pass for $15/3GB.


Rogers is proud to offer unlimited data to Canadians across the country, so you can truly make more possible.


Rogers Infinite Plans

  • Available nationally
  • Works with both main and additional lines
  • Shareable data buckets available at max speed
  • Unlimited data beyond the data bucket at reduced speed
  • Online billing is mandatory
  • Pre-authorized payments are encouraged
  • Smart Tab is not available with Rogers Infinite plans
  • Works with Upfront Edge, Roam Like Home and Worry-Free Data Manager
  • Doesn't work with promotions for Share Everything plans such as:
    • IDV discounts
    • Port-in credits
    • Other discounts
    • Data Bonuses (including those for tablets)


10GB (max speed)
Unlimited beyond 10GB (reduced speed)

20GB (max speed)
Unlimited beyond 20GB (reduced speed)

50GB (max speed)
Unlimited beyond 50GB (reduced speed)


Unlimited Canada-wide calling

No Tab




Premium Tab




Premium+ Tab




Ultra Tab





We no longer offer:

  • Share Everything plans for Consumer including Canada+US and additional line plans for smartphones
  • Certain non-shared plans

Staying the same:

  • Most non-shared plans
  • Additional line plans for basic phones
  • Additional lines plans for tablets, smartwatch, mobile internet devices and Wireless Home Phones
  • Monthly Data add-ons for existing customers on Share Everything
  • Retention and Loyalty plans
  • Share Everything for Business plans (20GB and above)


You can find all the information you need on plans availability at

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" If you want more max speed data, you can purchase a Speed Pass for $15/3GB."  


Question:  How are the speed passes purchased?


Hello, @robledo.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 😀


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. A Speed Pass can be purchased through Self-Serve or by reaching out to us.


Self-Serve Options:


MyRogers on the web at


Log in to MyRogers.

Under My Wireless Usage, click on Add Speed Pass.

Select a Speed Pass and click Continue.

Click Purchase.


MyRogers App


Log in to the MyRogers App.

Under the Services section, click on Speed Pass.

Click Purchase.

Click Ok on the notification.


Text Message

When the data usage is at 90% or 100%, you will get an SMS inviting to buy a Speed Pass. You can reply Yes to add the Speed Pass. 


Contact us to add the Speed Pass.